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June 28, 2012


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I think it all depends on what Melo wants glory or a ring. If he can do what LBJ and Bosh did, which is cshooe a team that is best suited for a ring, he may be down to take less shots and let Kobe do most of the work. I think you'd have to be real stupid to assume that when you enter KobeLand, you know that you are not going to be the No. 1. Of course, I'm assuming Melo is not stupid, and I'm not convinced that he isn't because, to me, anyone who demands a trade from a good team (Nuggets have been dangerous the last five years or so) is pretty stupid. I think the best argument against this trade is that Melo doesn't make the team better defensively, which clearly the Lakers need right now. However, Bynum isn't exactly doing that either when he's on the bench all the time. Fact is, right now, the Lakers are just as good without Bynum as they are with him on the floor (the stats prove this they have almost the same exact record), so if they could add Melo, I really believe they would be the best, if not second best, team in the West (the Spurs are killing right now). Phil would just have to work some magic like he's done so many times and handle another big ego onto the team with a infamous history of egos. That, and teach Melo how to play a little more D. At the end of the day, adding a superb player like Melo (one of the best scorers in the league) can never hurt your team. That's just a fact. He's way too talented. This will be proven when he leaves the Nuggets and then they struggle to make the playoffs this year.


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i like kobe!game from athletic attacker to jump shooter reeks of VInce Carter. Also the Lakers will have to take salary to make the deal work (Marvin Williams?!?!?)... but of all the legit rumors, this one doesn't immediately knock the Lakers out of title contention.

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