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January 03, 2011


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But so far, they have had little impact on the depressed housing market.

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Look here Mr.!!!! Just cause u don't like Kobe don't mean da he is a punk. Yes he does get ass, but I don't know about punk ass' . For future reeecfnre please realize that there isn't that many Laker fans that give 2 shakes of a good fart about Shaq anti,punk,I does wear thongs muddascunt.

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Absolutely there's not one Center or big man in the league at preesnt who could stop Shaq in his prime at that moment. Tim Duncan; during his prime and Dikembe Mutombo at that time were about the only players who had a chance at that time. With Dikembe retired, and Duncan on the decline it's safe to say that Shaq would eat the current crop of mediocre Centers for lunch.Oh yeah, Kobe Bryant was a pretty good scorer to go along with him in 2001; and the roleplaying crew they had was fantastic as well (Fisher, Horry, Fox, etc)


YES, Fisher, Kobe, Fox, Horry, Shaq will dominate. They did when they 3-peat and would be no deffirent now, all the other teams wouldn't even make it to 7 games. Whether it's 2001 or 2011, LAKERS WILL OWN THE HEAT


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Raptors Rapture's NBA Playoff Preview: New Orleans Vs LA LakersRaptors RaptureRaptors Rapture is covering the 2010-11 NBA pfloyafs, check back daily for more NBA Playoff news, notes, and analysis. Series Story: The Lakers start their title defense and Phil Jackson's last playoff run against the Chris Paul led Hornets. Gay Basketball League We Want Kobe!!!TMZ.comLos Angeles Lakers, GLAAD to work together; Kobe Bryant's sorryESPNKobe apologizes again for using slurFOXSports.comYahoo! Sports -Los Angeles Times -msnbc.comall 1,750 news articles Category: News You can follow any responses to this entry via RSS. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.


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Now that I understand the quiotesn, I'll say Rondo probably going to get more assists than anyone. 24 in a game is ridiculous. I feel like we'll see this a few more times throughout the year. Rose is scoring 33.5 ppg which is an insane rate. If he can keep up the pace, he will be very tough to beat, with the most likely competitor being Kevin Durant

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