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January 03, 2011



China red porcelain is very precious, because it is of standard national flag red and is the result of enormous efforts by porcelain experts, besides this, it also has features as below:
1. Hard to make:

1) difficult process: it is hard to make red porcelain, the process is very sophisticated with several times of firings in dozens of procedures. Thus the yield is very low, which is sometimes called" nine fails in ten kilns" "rare to get one treasure from thousand times of firing"

2)difficult formation: the red glaze needs to discompose in temperature above 800℃, it is even harder to get the China red, which is made in temperature above 1380℃.

2. Expensive raw material:

In order to make national flag red glaze, rare and expensive metals as tantalum, which is even more expensive then gold, thus the China red glaze can even be called made in gold.
3. Good quality

China red porcelain is made with fine white porcelain, bone porcelain and jade porcelain, these material is very pure and precious.

China red porcelain---China treasure, unique elegant model, various styles, many pictures can be drawn on it, such as views, flowers and birds, poems, people, names etc., it is precious art but also daily necessity, fit for home decoration, gifts and collection. It is a special gift for people with good tastes. it can be used as gifts for thanksgiving, blessing, friendship, business, promotion, retirement, election, housewarming, opening, wedding and festivals.

China red porcelain---China treasure. It is porcelain craftsmen's dream of thousands of years, a symbol of great taste and is a collectable art with huge appreciation and practical value.

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