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October 26, 2010


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Any thoughts on recent LA slump? 4 loses in a row....?

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If you go to the Nature Conservancy website for Texas and look at their Board of Directors, you will see the name Rod Sanders. The same
person at the center of this land swap. odd


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The game play sucks you ass and? most of the players look like alnies and they have a big ass bald spot in the back of their heads WTF so shut that shit up 2K11 all the way


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~ Apr 6, 2009 Hi,For me, I bet on the Magic. But in Cavs vs. Lakers case, I'd go for Cavs.If you followed the news on Obama's raermk, he did impressed with the Cavs' achievement so, it's safe to assume that Mr. Obama chose the Cavs to win the C'ship. The post caption is total BS but you caught the bait and put up not just one, but two comments, didn't you? ;)

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06.16.10 at 10:01 amKing FonoI will say Boston even though I'm an LA fan. I'm the worst spotrs betting person in history. Hopefully, with my saying Boston will win in game 7, the Lakers will actually win My fucked up Laker logic be sure to wear those Laker jerseys Thursday peeps!SignedSuperstitious Fan!

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Cancel the season, and let them find work like the other milloins who are without jobs; maybe a job at Mickey D'd where they will not be able to meet their mortgage and maybe they'll understand what the rest of the Country is dealing with.I don't deny them their salaries; careers in pro sports can be short for many reasons, and the revenues are there to compensate them on equitable terms however; to be nit-picking over little niblets that can be mutually divided and agreed upon, while the rest of America is fighting to pay their mortgage, put gas in the car, to put food on the table, etc., etc., is just lacking common sense.Let alone realize the businesses that will be seriously hurt, and possible fail, as a result of not having a season!!!I don't wish hard times on anyone but, maybe a good dose of reality would help them see the logic, the rationale and the common sense that there comes a time, and point like with the inflated prices of houses when common sense must be the main focus of any, and all discussions.Come on boys on both sides; time to get mature, grow up and settle this thing.


We want to play NBA basketball but if it doesn't hpepan, what are we going to do? We can't just sit around and not do anything. We've got to figure out ways now to play basketball at a high level against top competition and have fun doing it, so that's the next step. Though one of the main problems in this financial crisis is that the NBA has a soft cap unlike the NHL and the NFL. A hard cap would not allow circumstances where teams are able to exceed the salary cap. This is something that the league should look more into because I believe that it would at least help the financial issues at hand.


Honestly, I would.It's not good for the NBA to have all it's stars concentrated in one area. Two of the top three pyelars in the NBA are now on the same team! We have teams like Cleveland, Toronto, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Golden State who don't have the star power to help generate revenue for the team (and ultimately the league).- This question has been brought up in baseball hundreds (if not thousands) of times. Baseball needs a cap, and the NBA needs a Hard Cap.

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