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October 26, 2010



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Cannot agree to point nr 4...Jazz a threat to LA? Surely their last loss to undersized (compared to LA) Suns proves that...

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I liked your section on why the NBA will not contract, but I am surprised you did not build your case on how the NBA performed in the 2009 fiscal year........ http://nba.fanhouse.com/2009/12/10/forbes-12-nba-teams-lost-money-last-season/ or http://basketballfantatic.blogspot.com/2010/11/nba-lock-out-expansion-or-contraction.html if you want to read my article on the possibility of Contraction, Lock out or Expansion.

.....or the repeated statements by Stern that he plans to expand into Europe in the next decade. I will give you props at how the Suns are performing, playing easily the hardest early season schedule of any team in the league, and performing admirably despite a roster overhaul and an early injury to Nash that kept him out two games. I did not expect that.

About the Heat, I am sorry to say you were very off on that one, and although they will be a good team eventually, a tough team to beat in the playoffs, it is pretty clear by now, with 7 losses already, that competing for homecourt is probably not going to happen this year. (If any readers want some funny quotes on the Heat from an ESPN forum, check out http://basketballfantatic.blogspot.com/2010/11/miami-heat-hate.html/)


Great post - actually, I agree with all of it except #4 (Jazz can't handle the Lakers) and the eventual Champs - I'm thinking Boston will win game 7 against L.A. this time around. Sorry, Phil.

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Any thoughts on recent LA slump? 4 loses in a row....?

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Your prediction are shit.....but that's coming from your typical Laker Fan.

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