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September 10, 2010


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I think i am very close to your imagination. May be you are indicating the global warming and thing about the ice age.

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Andy Warhol and many other artist have already exhausted this kind of statement. It says more about old media artists struggling to find their own relevance in a hyper-accelerated digital world. I see it more of the same "He did it first" type of art that ultimately has little long-term resonance or connection to most people.

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I anticipate art and IT (and new media) technology coming together in a real and meaningful way.


Phil is the master at getting players to do exactly what he wants. Although this concerns me (I want to see my Celtics play the Lakers in the finals), Phil is the coach you want when it comes to players like these. He will take that energy and turn it into something positive.

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Wow, a real surprise. Yours was always the first blog I'd turn to.

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Love u Matt. Glad ur back to playing. Cant wait to see the next game so I can look at ur fine ass. Chiaow LAKERS #1

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All good teams that never quite made it over the hump, but it wasn't because of anything Barnes did. In fact, as Bill Simmons would say, he's not a guy who takes anything off the table, but he doesn't bring anything TO the table either


Hey Matt...I don't care what they say about you, I think you'r awesome! Best pic ever!!!! Lovin the paint!

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Your article makes me stay in high spirits all the day!

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