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May 02, 2010



Shooters shoot themselves out of slumps. Ron can shoot threes, they will come. Hopefully.

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As time passed (and possibly with the benefit of the short turn-around) the Lakers bigs just didn't seem interested in fighting to get low. I expect more of this in game 2.

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against the Lakers or but beating that I'm a Celtics fan...no, I just think it's only fair if Celtics win after beatin g Miami 1995....not necessarily going 4-0the Lakers...say...4 success from I have anything -2? Not that, Cleveland and

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This would be a concern for gun owners and reloaders if we were to take Mr. Obama at his word. However, during the campaign we saw Mr. Obama say one thing to one group and contradict himself to another.

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Now Kobe needs to figure out(along with Phil Jackson) a way to bully the Thunder, I say the answer is LO, he is always the game breaker, but as lasts year Kobe has to be confident in his teammates to make shots and plays. i dont think Kobe is seeing that at the moment, for some reason, so if im in the Lakers team, im practicing my shots and if Im Gasol or bynum I want the ball more, bring in the hi-lo set in every variety

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The team used a number of different logos prior to 1961, but the "G" is the only logo that has ever appeared on the helmet.

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