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February 02, 2010



If you want to see Rose buy a ticket to Lakers-Bulls game...nobody is forcing you to go to ASW. And if celebrity game is your subsitute of ASG for a real basketball fan then I have no words for you.....


It's a substitute because I can't afford to drop $500-$1,000 on a game. Obviously I'd rather go to All-Star Saturday Night and the All-Star Game, but money's not that easy these days...

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I'm making a cost-effective (read: using mileage for a free flight from LA) trip to Big D for All-Star Weekend.

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I bought tickets to your damn Rookie Game!!!

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It's a substitute because I can't afford to drop $500-$1,000 on a game. Obviously I'd rather go to All-Star Saturday Night and the All-Star Game, but money's not that easy these days...

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the most important number is 2 and 3 as in wins and losses. With the Lakers on the brink, Kobe needs to "spread the wealth" and dump the Gekko principle.

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