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January 19, 2010



Let's wait a couple years. Let him accomplish something. Let him win something. He'll get to the top, for sure.


If you did a little research you'd find out that Durant has a clause in his contract with Nike that requires them to keep his shoes affordable. Whether or not they're selling out has no bearing on the price in this particular case.


TRUST ME, if they're flying off the shelves, Nike would find a way to "renegotiate" the contract. It's just spin.


@Craig, why should we "TRUST YOU"? Are you a Nike exec? Or just someone who thinks they know what they're talking about, but is more likely a blowhard with no real idea.


It's simple marketing, demand will drive the price upward. Why am I'm a blowhard for pointing out the obvious? Using your line of thinking, Nike would have kept Air Jordans down around $100 instead of the going rate of $150.

Affordable clause or not, Nike is in the business to make money, plain and simple. You would be naive to think otherwise.

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That's not a knock on Ariza who's good but no way close to Durant talent-wise. Though like everyone in Houston I'm sure Ariza throws a hell of an outlet pass, score yet another for Daryl Morey and his first round elimination 2009-10 Houston Rockets.

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@Craig, why should we "TRUST YOU"? Are you a Nike exec? Or just someone who thinks they know what they're talking about, but is more likely a blowhard with no real idea.

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While Durant can't sniff a vote for the All-Star game, Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson are both #2 in their respective positions with A.I. looking like he'll get a starting spot. T-Mac, a me-first guy who's being paid $23.2 million to NOT play with his team and A.I., who's clearly on the last legs of a once-illustrious career... both players leading the voting is a serious problem.

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