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June 01, 2009



Derek Fisher couldn't guard half of the players in the WNBA.


hey there dude, this is totally unrelated, but i wonder what you can say now about the magic making it to the finals, after all the talk about them not being at the same level as the cavs, celtics, lakers etc.? just asking.


This is nothing. Check out the Polish basketball league. Not only do the players wear their teams' sponsor logos, but often the team names consist of sponsor names. And those are for example (in asterisk): *Polpharma* Starogard Gdanski (pharmaceuticals), *Atlas* Stal Ostrow Wlkp. (adhesive mortar for tiles / other building products), Polonia *Gaz Ziemny* Warszawa (natural gas supplier) etc. Plywoods on the courts are so colorful, bestudded with all the logos, it is really hard to watch games on TV. You don't want it in the NBA, believe me.

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