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April 04, 2009



Yeah...a degree from PurdueU is fine. But you shouldn't even be talking since I'm sure you cant play basketball for crap. Try atleast playing the game for once before you start ripping on other teams. Try to atleast get at SOMEWHAT level of Shane Battier's D. I dont know what it is about you and the Rockets whom you keep ripping on...Whats the problem with you? I know we all hate some teams but you?? You dont stop talking trash about the Rockets...Theyre a proper team..they just dont perform well in the Playoffs..yeah so? Im sure some teams in the NBA would LOVE to atleast be a winning team like Houston. And this is coming from a non-Houston native anyway...I'm just a guy who appreciates the sport a lot...You maybe need to start doing that too and appreciate these athletes who put on a great show for their fans.


And furthermore, without a gift from David Stern and Chris Wallace, the Lakers would be considerably behind the Rockets in the standings.


And even furthermore, if you are going to rip Shane Battier, at least spell his name right. "Intelligent NBA Commentary"? Yeah right.


yea this craig kwasniewski is a froot


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