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February 17, 2009



Thumbs down to you for suggesting that LeBron and/or the Cavaliers don't respect their head coach. Typical west coast douche bag who does not pay any attention to anything that doesn't happen at Staples Center.

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middle of the playoffs is not ideal (yes it is safe to say he would not pick up where he left off and some sort of chemistry would have to be re-established.) But that is not the same as saying he will not be back for the season. Some contribution from bynum especially against the powerhouses of the east if we were to get to the finals

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These are two entirely different knee injuries. Have a little faith, you act like it is set in stone that Bynum is out for the season.


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Moreau. Rookie library use is another problem, paper view, play and stream outside his Montana - Ellis's rotten war style is very complementary, at least on the offensive end is no problem. As for the defensive end height is limited, it seems that should not have considered in Nelson within. The results? Ellis says that in the pre-season and Curry do not want to cooperate in the backcourt, how to solve this problem remains to be seen.

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