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February 02, 2009



Craig, would you say Bynum is the next Sam Bowie?


Gimme a break. I don't think Bynum meant to hurt Wallace, but at least Perk made a basketball move. It was overly aggressive and got Max in the head, but it was still a play on the ball.

Quit with the jealousy. The Celtics are the defending champs and playing the best basketball in the league right now. You'd love to have them as your team.


last i knew a hip toss was not, technically, a "basketball move." i think it's judo, but it may also be greco-roman wrestling. it's a pretty basic move so i'm sure a lot of disciplines claim it.

good form though. if he'd wanted to he probably could have taken maxiell's back at that point and pounded out a ref stoppage. maxiell is scrappy though, we've yet to see how good his ground game is.

"at least he made a basketball move"

heaven help us all.


"Craig, would you say Bynum is the next Sam Bowie?"

No because the Lakers didn't draft Bynum over the next Michael Jordan. Remember, Portland took Bowie 2nd and the Bulls landed Jordan 3rd.

BUT... if you mean that he's injury-prone... well I'm VERY worried. That's why I was opposed to the Lakers contract extension before the season started. I felt that he needed to prove to teh Lakers that he's capable of a 70-game season... which so far is not the case.


I just hope Bynum doesn't have a third leg because next year that one may have its knee screwed up...

This is pretty bad for me as a Lakers fan. I get all riled up and now the future is uncertain. Kobe's 61-pts helps, though.


Late response because of topical interest...

The difference between Perk's (dirty) play and the really dumb (out of frustration) plays from Bynum and Ariza is: the opponent wasn't airborne.

While Perk made a controlled move, Ariza and Bynum haven't had the control of the consequences of their actions.

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