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January 20, 2009



Definitely agree about Fisher. He's been gambling too much late in games trying to be a hero when he needs to just stick his man. Almost cost us one game fouling the 3 point shooter (wasn't called...I forget who this was against) and DID cost us the Spurs game. He needs to stop thinking he's quick enough to still play chest-to-chest defense with opposing point guards and lay off a little bit. He's benefitting a lot coming after Parker because that's how I always console myself as I watch the Von Wafers and Steve Blakes of the league morph into Chris Paul against the Lakers -- oh, well, at least he isn't Smush. Love the articles, keep it up.



I'd not overestimate Kobe's injury...it's just a slight dislocation, it happens almost every time we play back home, it hurts but it allows you to play 99% fine...so don't be dramatic...if he managed to play it means it was not serious.


haha love the blade runner reference

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Now Kobe needs to figure out(along with Phil Jackson) a way to bully the Thunder, I say the answer is LO, he is always the game breaker, but as lasts year Kobe has to be confident in his teammates to make shots and plays. i dont think Kobe is seeing that at the moment, for some reason, so if im in the Lakers team, im practicing my shots and if Im Gasol or bynum I want the ball more, bring in the hi-lo set in every variety

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Yeah almost!Crap it seems every team i go for falls flat on their faces and it sucks!!! Lebron kept this team up for the first 5 games by hmlesif but just couldnt do it in game 6. The Cavs came out flat in this series and were down rite awful! and the sad part is the Cavs still had the bset record in the playoffs at 15-4 but its now how many u win its when you win them and Lebron just didnt have enough to carry the team himslef for a whole series.I have to give credit to the Stan Van Gundy and the Magic, they came out with a gameplan which was perfect one and only way to beat the Cavs- Defensivly: Let Lebron do his thing but shut down the rest of team especiallty Mo, knowing that Lebron cant win a whole series buy himslef and Offensivly: Give it to Howard, Give it to Howard, Give it to Howard then kick it back out for the 3. 62 3s in a series!!!Im a HUGE Cavs fan and im crushed at the moment but give credit where its due.and as the saying goes and its especially well known in Cincy there is always next year GO BENGALSREDSCAVS!


I think the dependancy on James is the cocahes fault. They put themselves in situations where they need him to bail them out. If they would just put LBJ on one of their best players on the defensive end from the beginning, Orlando wouldn't be coming back from 20 pts on a regular basis. The team needs to keep the other players involved and expend James' saved energy on the defensive end.

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