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January 06, 2009


Ben Guest

Because Rondo can't play 48 minutes a night.


because our bench stinks, that's why

Luke Walton

Hey Craig, I lost your number, I need my dick in your mouth tonight. Bring your dimwitted sidekick Brett, I finally might let him put that finger up my ass tonight. Peace, Luke


Where's The Love for Mo Williams????????????????


look bitch, i dont know who posted this but you knw who u are. rondo is THE best point guard and the celtics is THE best team in the nba. they work hard and they believe in themselves. unlike other teams they have a greater amount of chemistry.for your information they did not look at the bad side of "MAR"BURY they looked at the positive things that he could bring to the team. and also i dnt knw u but i bet u aint even good enough to clean their sweat off the fucking floor. so what we say to our haters in boston " THANK YOU CAUSE YOU GIVIN US A JOB THAT WE LOVE DOIN", and thats makin yall hate. so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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everybody wright what he need.


What do you think about his ability to play three games without any stops


Ahora esto se ve además de la medida que captura, extremadamente universal. Acaso es posible sin duda disputar con este motivo pero que no hables mí se entusiasmo..


very interesting but i think we should look wider to see more.


We trust in you. Thanks.


I think if you play do it really good. Do it really good for your kids


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Starbury will also help Boston to the top record in the Eastern Conference, but fare thee be warned


everybody wright what he need.


funny foto

Doctor noni

Yes, clearly Tasty noni

jane concepcion

hey you assholes!! do you hate rondo? or the celtics?? well kill your ass! cause i love boston you all bitches!


They died hard, those savage men - like wounded wolves at bay. They were filthy, and they were lousy, and they stunk. And I loved them.

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