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January 05, 2009


Pat O.

Oden sprained his ankle in their first matchup; he didn't hurt his knee. He was coming off a year-long hiatus due to microfracture surgery on his knee.


Bynum has better footwork on the offense side of the floor.
He relies too much on his length to rebound rather than fighting for position or going up strong. Bynum also has a softer touch from 15' and in.
Oden uses his body far better than Bynum.


Comparing to pre-injured Bynum.. Bynum is much better. Comparing to post-injured Bynum ( post -injured Oden too not to forget) i still say Bynum. Oden is slow and as Craig said, he only has one move. He seemed to use his body more effectively but Bynum still has adv or being quicker than Oden. Plus Bynum has learned to keep the ball high. Looking at yesterday's match, Fisher tried to grab two from Oden's hand. Plus Oden doesn't know how to pass the ball yet once he grabs it. May be next season after spending a while in NBA floor.. he'll get better. But as of today. its Bynum. Tomorrow - who knows.


Craig,you must live in Portland. "Oden is more NBA-ready"?? Are you kidding me? I'm ready to admit that Bynum isnt the player he was last year, but to insinuate that Oden is somehow a more polished player? Oden has played less than half of a season. Period. Bynum has 3 more years experience not to mention post-season play. Better footwork? It is true that has basically one post move. The Bynum of this year is still better than Oden.

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Now Kobe needs to figure out(along with Phil Jackson) a way to bully the Thunder, I say the answer is LO, he is always the game breaker, but as lasts year Kobe has to be confident in his teammates to make shots and plays. i dont think Kobe is seeing that at the moment, for some reason, so if im in the Lakers team, im practicing my shots and if Im Gasol or bynum I want the ball more, bring in the hi-lo set in every variety

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