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December 13, 2008


Kyle Mathiowetz

Your wrong. Second of all, the next time you do a report you should read through it and check your grammatical errors.


Salmons looks really good and seems to always play Kobe tough defensively.

Louie DePalma

Hey Kyle, before you make a comment that someone should "check your grammatical errors" . . . please take a minute to learn about conjunctions . . . You are should be spelled "You're" with an apostrophe . . . go back to school


That's not a conjunction, genius. It's a contraction. Go back to school, hm?


Criticism is always accepted here. My only excuse is that many times I write these right after the game (and right after downing a few beers) riding on the Red Line. But feedback is always accepted!


I really hope you're wrong about Andrew, but I've noticed his poor play recently as well. I hope he's just recovering.

"They're record reflects more on key injuries to Martin and Garcia than coaching."

Should be a "their" there, not "they're."

Speaking of grammatical errors...

"Your wrong. Second of all, the next time you do a report you should read through it and check your grammatical errors."

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle... should be a "you're" there. Good job embarrassing yourself though.

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