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November 10, 2008



I didn't watch the Lakers game but mad did the Rockets look ugly against Portland too...Fernandez and Roy had NO problem getting around Artest consistently. McGrady seemed virtually useless.

Kobrick Cryant

Kobrick is da greatest:
04: he can't win with 3 other HOFer, and he tried to be DA MAN.
05: he played 9yrs and well in his primed, and couldn't take his team into the playoff with pretty much the same supporting cast that D-Wade as rookie has.
06: He was held to SCORELESS in the second half in the most important of the season
07: Kobe is so good!!
08: he had a "GREAT" series like always, he shot 7 out 22 in game 6, OF THE FINALS.
Other than that:
1 undeserving MVP (CP3/LBJ got robbed)
overated first team all defense.
See how great he is? I can't wait for him to do the same thing he did last year. EVERYBODY, KOBE, TELL ME HOW @$$ TASTE? And lastly, ENJOY UR SEASON! AND SUMMER, AND FALL, AND AUTUMN, AND WINTER!
MJ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KOBRICK CRYANT

MVP chokes

follow these steps

# Find the right bread:

* White bread is traditional but it isn't sturdy and the jelly soaks through (Remember your grade school field trips with prepackaged lunches. this will be great!!! In addition, white bread is extremely processed and lacks vitamins - why not make this delicious and healthy?
* Multigrain adds its own flavor that complements the sweetness of the jelly and peanut butter.
* Whole wheat is healthiest option. Make sure the bread is 100% whole wheat flour, not 100% enriched whole wheat flour.

# Choose your peanut butter. You'll need to decide between chunky or smooth. Chunky can often be harder to spread, as it can tear the bread. But it does add a nice crunch.
# Choose your jelly. Common options include grape jelly, strawberry jelly or raspberry jelly. The adventurous might chose apple jelly.
# Get a good amount of peanut butter on a knife or spoon (this amount varies with your personal preference) and spread it out evenly onto one of the slices of bread.
# Wipe any residual peanut butter from the knife onto the second piece of bread.
Scoop some jelly onto the other slice of bread. Again, the amount is up to you, but when in doubt, use less rather than more. Jelly tends to squeeze out the edges and drip if you use too much. Make sure to spread the jelly evenly.

In another words, I DON'T GIVE A F*CK!


Three losers IMHO.. but mostly McGrady, Yao close second..

T-Mac Has to GO!!!

T-mac is playing with no passion what so ever. He does not play defense or offense. He is just taking up space in the court. He needs to get traded before his stock goes down even more. 60 yr old Dikembe Mutombo played 10x harder than McGrady who is 29 and suppose to be in his prime. T-mac is the biggest disappointment this year. Get him out of Houston, even for draft picks, whatever. T-mac needs to go.

Joe Plumber

LMAO. The season has just started and people are already writing off the Rockets. Yeah smart one. Kind of like how the past two seasons, they said the Rockets WOULD NOT make the playoffs when Yao went down. 22 STRAIGHT wins later and the Rockets were about 2 and a half games out of first place. Keep dissing the rockets, you will look like a fool come April. Just like the folks that doubted the Celtics all year long last year. NOBODY thought the Celtics would win but they made Kobe and the Lakers look like chumps.

Let me repeat, we are 7 games into the season. Since did we start judging teams so early into the season?


Wow, does everybody not remember that we have battier waiting to come back, he is going to give the rockets a lot of depth especially when playin the lakers and boston. With battier guarding kobe last year kobe struggled and houston won the season series, and when playin the celts he would play ray allen, then artest on pierce. the offense does look a little on the downside but we still are in games in the end. just wait til we get clicking on all cylinders, no need to panic its only 7 games into the year. don't doubt the rockets, they actually play better under the radar and do things like win 22 games in a row...(10 without our big man)!


Can anyone please name the last time Yao or T-Mac advanced in the playoffs?

Anyone???? Seriously, someone please tell me!!!


Kinda funny how so many laker fans I know tend to judge teams so quickly.
It reminds me exactly of last year, when the lakers were playing oh-so-well against western teams and everyone was sucking up to them, while the celtics were getting written off by many for allowing their first 2 series to get to 7 games.
The 2 teams met in the finals, what happened next was one of the biggest chokes in finals history, with one of the biggest comebacks and biggest victory margin for the deciding game of the finals.

rockets fan

"They're outside shooting is flawed"

Your spelling is flawed


"They're outside shooting is flawed"

Your spelling is flawed

PS--if you're going to delete my snappy comment, at least correct the mistake I pointed out


new teammates getting acquainted with new a new season and new-look teams. we will see who has the last laugh.

go rockets...

... and i <3 zach braff

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saying he will not be back for the east if we were to get to the finals

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We suspect Vera will eventually come around, although she wants to punish you a bit first.


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Caron was given plenty of ice time and played every aspect of the game, including on both special team units. He was recalled Monday morning and practiced with the Bruins at Ristuccia Arena. “I didn’t play the last two games (with Boston) so it was good to get a lot of ice time,” he said. “It was great. I felt confident out there and I felt fresh. I wasn’t used to getting that much ice time, but it went pretty good. My legs were good so I think that’s a good sign.” Bruins coach Claude Julien received a good report on Caron’s game with the P-Bruins.

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