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November 11, 2008



So...Detroit gets a guy averaging 4 more points per game and they supposedly "added" a scorer...but they traded away the team leader, a fantastic point guard, team assist leader, and a much, much better defender than Iverson. Remember how Lebron tore them apart in the playoffs a few years ago? They just got much WORSE defensively. Next year this trade looks great if they land a big name but for this year I don't understand all the people celebrating what a "steal" this was for Detroit.

Rhymes With Hondo

Having a scoring four is integral to beating Boston. The Celtics are too good defensively to not have guys at all five positions who are threats to score, and if you don't have a scoring four, Garnett can really wreak havoc defensively. Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell aren't threats to score.

McDyess doesn't necessarily put Detroit over the top against Boston, but he's integral to any shot they have.

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saying he will not be back for the east if we were to get to the finals

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