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October 31, 2008


The Gov

Posey is well worth his contract. He will be the difference maker in countless games this season. He is a discounted reason why Boston won this year, and why they won't win in 09.

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middle of the playoffs is not ideal (yes it is safe to say he would not pick up where he left off and some sort of chemistry would have to be re-established.) But that is not the same as saying he will not be back for the season. Some contribution from bynum especially against the powerhouses of the east if we were to get to the finals


, the big 3 is looking much older and too many match-ups favor the Lakers. I like Rondo and I hope he can give the Lakers egnouh of a fit to make the series competitive and hopefully win. I am definitely pulling for the Celtics but my gut tells me its probably going to be the Lakers.Normally, I prescribe to Kyle's school of thought...can't pick a team that I have to root against, but it's not like I have any money on the line then I can just predict whatever I want and not give a shit when it doesn't happen.On a side note, I'm actually getting kind of desensitized to the hype over Kobe Bryant. I still hate him like nobody else in sports, but now I don't almost drive my car into a tree every time somebody on the radio calls him the best player ever.I think the series is better than Preston believes it will be, but still have the Lakers pulling it out in 6...Lakers in 6.

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