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June 18, 2008



one thing is for certain...the "defense" played by Gasol and "the Machine" is absolutely hilarious to watch...as was Kobe's choke job.


Brett Edwards, from June 3rd, 2008:

PG: Derek Fisher (LA) vs Rajon Rondo (BOS): Rondo's quickness and playmaking ability are a big plus, but his unwillingness to shoot the ball when he's open has hurt the Celtics at times. Fisher's playoff heroics are well-documented, and the veteran definitely won't be rattled playing in his fourth NBA Finals. Advantage: Lakers


SG: Kobe Bryant (LA) vs Ray Allen (BOS): This matchup might be closer than you think, at least in terms of how it may affect their respective teams. Kobe's going to get his, but If Ray Allen can find some consistency in this series and at least force Kobe to expend some energy on the defensive end of the floor, he could even this one out a bit. But if Allen isn't hitting his shots, Kobe will be able to cheat off of him and provide some help defense, which will obviously make things tougher for people like Paul Pierce. Advantage: Lakers

WRONG. Allen outplayed Kobe.

SF: Lamar Odom (LA) vs Paul Pierce (BOS): Kobe Bryant may be the league's Most Valuable, but Lamar Odom may be his team's most important in terms of his play determining whether or not the Lakers win. Odom needs to stay focused offensively, and average 12-15 rebounds per game for the series for the Lakers to be at their best. Paul Pierce is the offensive leader of the Celtics, and if he can play a couple of games in this series like he did in Game 7 versus the Cavs, the Lakers will be in trouble. Advantage: Celtics

Right. Lamar disappeared as usual.

PF: Vladimir Radmanovic (LA) vs Kevin Garnett (BOS): Lakers coach Phil Jackson has referred to Vlad-Rad as a "space cadet" in the past, and with good reason. Radmanovic's focus tends to come and go from game to game, although his threes have for the most part been falling this post-season. Kevin Garnett is the heart and soul of the Celtics' defense, and leads the team in yelling 12-letter expletives at no one in particular while he's playing. These two won't really be matched against one another in this series, which is a good thing for the Lakers. Advantage: Celtics

This one's a gimme.

C: Pau Gasol (LA) vs. Kendrick Perkins (BOS): Perkins' physical presence, especially on the boards, has really helped Boston's interior defense this post-season. He had a great series against Detroit (shooting 67% from the field) and there's really no one on the Lakers' front line that can match him physically. Gasol is the Lakers' number two option offensively, and he plays more of a finesse game than Perkins or really any of the Celtics' big men. If Gasol can manage to not get pushed around by Boston's bigs, the Lakers' offense will continue to run on all cylinders, which is something no team has been able to keep up with thus far. Advantage: Lakers

WRONG. Gasol got pushed around like a little bitch.


You got me, Marcus. So where are your predictions, tough guy?


My prediction is that Sasha, Kobe, Pau, Lamar, and Vlad would make the softest, tastiest Smores ever that would go down nice and easy.

Israel Rico

Tom Ziller's article is bush....
The Spurs started the trend of defense...this shit isn't new..that's why they have 4 titles.
For a asshole who writes about basketball he is just a east-coast bitch of a writer.. and again the Spurs never get the just due they deserve....

aside from that enjoy your title beantown...you deserve it!!!!


I can't stand that everyone is saying the Celtics won simply because of defense. They had a decent offensive team as well, especially when their Big 3 and Rondo were playing their A game! Why do you think they had the most wins in the regular season? But I definitely think they won simply by manhandling the softer Lakers.

Plus, I hate the way that all the East Coast bias writers gave the Lakers crap for getting Gasol for free from Memphis. But what about Garnett and Ray Allen? Boston basically gave crap to Minnesota for Garnett as well: Jefferson, Telfair, Gomes, Green, Ratliff and 2 picks. For an NBA MVP, I'd call that a "steal" as well, since Jefferson is the only above average player in that whole group.


the celtics straight up outplayed the lakers this series. it will be an active offseason for a lot of NBA teams to keep up with the arms race in the league right now. i wrote about some of these thoughts here: dishingdimes.blogspot.com

love the site guys! keep it up!

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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He makes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental errors during important playoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by teams with superior talent and mental fortitude (think pistons

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