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June 15, 2008


Israel Rico

Next Year won't guarantee you a title....the west is too stacked.
and if congress ivestigates the NBA and that jew fuckface Stern, he will "save face"...which means your Lakers may be fucked and not get to the Finals.
but well see.....
It's the last game of the season ....go just boo the Green and white when they hand over Larry.


I Can't Believe You Didn't Have Faith !
We Can Overcome Aanything if We Work for it !
Sloppy Win but its still a Win !


Kobe is the greatest finisher ever!! 7 for 21 with 4 turnovers! Clearly the greatest ever! Suck it Boston!

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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He ma kes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental errors during important pl ayoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by team s with superior talent and mental fortitude (think pistons

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I still don't know why that was called a foul? he was set, and simply embrassed himself for impact. clean play

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