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June 05, 2008



I...am inclined to agree. Not to mention Perkins AND Rondo also collapsing in apparently unbearable pain.

big tuna

vagina sez wut?

as soon as that happened i was thinking abc would be queuing up the drama clips: emotional leader, playing inspired basketball, overcoming adversity, etc.. but never did i think of the willis reed reference. granted, i've thought of stuart scott as an idiot for many moons but that statement truly solidifies his place in the hall of shame; teleprompted or not.

although he could've put about 5 shots in the 4th quarter back into his pocket, i think the parade to the FT line really killed any chance the lakers had of coming back. boston got some fortunate bounces on loose balls but i thought the ball movement for the lakers looked better throughout the night. lakers in 6 after adjustments by PJ (& a more disciplined kobe)


haha and this is supposed to be "intelligent NBA commentary"?? I don't know which game you were watching but they clearly did not just "bump knees". If you've ever played basketball before or aren't just trying to find riduclous ways to dismiss a definitive Celtics win you would realize that when Perkins came down he didn't "bump knees" with Pierce. Perkins landed on either Pierce's heel or foot essentially trapping Pierce's foot to the ground so when he tried to change direction he ended up twisting his knee instead.
Accusing a player of faking an injury when he clearly is not is about as unclassy as you can get.

Israel Rico

Paul called up Manu Ginoblili and asked for some advice...


i agree pierce is a pussy and a smelly one at that.... i hope phil jackson tells his team to shut this pussy up and deny him a ring along with that other growling face pussy kg a ring ....
losing game 1 though hurts but i still think lakers gonna win it in 6.... no country for old pussies


"Not to mention Perkins AND Rondo also collapsing in apparently unbearable pain."

Um, Perkins had Fisher fall into his leg, went to the lockerroom and never came back in the game. Rondo his his head on a camera, brushed it off and got right back up. Which game were you watching??


On September 25, 2000, Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, the neck and the back while at a late night dance club in the Boston area. He had to undergo lung surgery to repair the damage. He has overcome the stabbing and was the only Celtic to start all 82 games that year.


So he's a pussy because he got his knee twisted and didn't crawl on one knee back to the bench? Sorry for you that the Lakers did blow a pretty great chance to take Game One, but it sure sounds like you're a whining pussy yourself by blaming the loss on the 'overacting' of a guy who WAS STABBED 11 TIMES. And who fucking cares as long as the threes went in? Think that might have been the 'emotional lift'? Try watching the game instead of pretending you know what Ronnie Lott is thinking.

No Blood No Foul

I love it when people make some sort of statement about the physicality of a game or a player, despite the fact they've never played at that level. Until you've played with NBA players in an NBA game, you've got NO CLUE what it's really like.

These aren't a bunch of overweight untalented YMCA players - they're the best athletes in the world. I bet you'd fall to the ground and cry like a little girl if Perkins ran into your knee (I know I would).

Very disappointing post - this is far from intelligent commentary.


This is one of the most ignorant articles I have read. So much stupid in here, I don't know where to begin. I love how the Lakers blew the game; they missed bunnies and couldn't get it going. The C's have the best defense in the league, and for the 3rd straight time, shut Kobe and their weak supporting cast down. It might be time to "intelligently” look at this team and write something relevant. Pierce was spotted walking gingerly out of the Garden last night, but I’m sure he was just being a pussy and limping for the show of it because after all, he is not hurt. God I hate idiots with misinformed opinions like this.


Craig Kwasnlalala must be a lakers fan. celts 1 lakes 0.


Craig, are you bitter? Or just plain stupid? I think you are an anagram of an asshole, dumb.

Sometime ago, Pierce was knocked out by Amare, lost some of his teeth, but just the same, finished the game and won. That I would belive. Not some nut ass trying to sell a blog.

Stupid is as stupid does...

Paul Pierce

Hi, I've been stabbed eleven times and returned to play a successful 82 game NBA season, as well as blossom into one of the greatest all-around players of my generation. I am currently playing in the NBA Finals, and just scored 22 points on 7-10 shooting while leading the Celtics to a victory against a Lakers team much of the media were ready to hand the trophy to, after a 260 pound man jumped up and landed on my foot as I fell backwards.

You... watch professional basketball on TV, and occasionally type on a computer.

Clearly, you have more credibility than me.

turd ferguson

intelligent commentary by the 2 biggest douchebags is more appropriate.


All you laker fans are nothing better than a crawlspace and just upset that your pussy ass team just got beat. Point Blank. Tell that fairy Kobiashi that he will NEVER be MJ! "I just missed some bunnies"....yeah, the playboy bunnies you cheat on your wife with you piece of trash. You had real live DEFENSE on your ass all night. Tell it like it is. That's why KG was cursing his bitch ass out when he was shooting those foul shots at the end.
CLUE: This is NOT West Coast basketball you lames....THIS is what East Coast basketball is all about. GET USED TO IT!!


the way pierce was writhing in agony and on the verge of tears, one would think he was just stabbed 11 times (again). he made it look a lot more serious than it really was. i thought he would miss a game or two, judging from the way he crumpled to the ground. so when i saw him hopping/skipping? back just a few MINUTES later, i was like WTF!!! WHAT A PUSSY!!! i think doc rivers told pierce to fake an injury to get a fake-inspired emotional lift cuz the Lakers were beating them at the time. LOSERS.


It's amazing how many doctors post on this site and can tell, via television, how bad something "should" and is supposed to hurt.

I would just like to thank all of you guys who have so much insight into the interior working of the human knee and can tell us exactly, again, via television, where what and how much something should hurt, every single time. You guys are incredible, keep it up!


if written by a frustrated twelve year old this post would still be a disgrace.
learn to lose gracefully.

"intelligent nba commentary" yeah, sure.

Julian Pappas

LMAO some of you Celtics fans act like Pierce wasn't writhing on the floor in agony, carried out by 4 teammates, THEN put in a wheelchair only to come skipping out of the locker room 5 minutes later like nothing had happened. He then had the nerve to grimace in "pain" during parts of the post-game conference as if it hurt for him to sit down all of a sudden. It doesn't take "doctors" to realize there was something fishy (to say the least) about his "injury"


Hey Aaron, check your facts before you post, Perkins came back into the game later....celtic fans just didn't care. Yes pierce got hurt but i think craig is just pissed off at the media love fest with pierce and yea pierce did kinda sell that injury to be more than it is.....considering how athletic and quick he looked getting into the paint during 4th quarter, it really didn't look like someone who just sprain his ankle, ie manu ginobli haha


You have to be the biggest fucking moron out there not named Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith. The only reason he made it through the game was on adrenaline, which by the way is not a steroid you moron. He could barely walk after the game, isn't practicing today, and wouldn't play in Game 2 if it wasn't happening til Sunday night. How about you stop your whining cause the HIGHLY OVERRATED LAKERS got snuffed. Pau Gasol is still gonna get embarassed, Fisher still can't hang with Rondo, Odom still can't hit a jumper, that sorry ass bench that everyone thought was good still sucks compared to ours, and finally....PHIL STILL WILL NEVER BE REMOTELY CLOSE TO RED AUERBACH!!! YOU LOAD THAT SHOULDA BEEN SWALLOWED.


LMAO. That picture is prizeless. You would think the leg had been cleared for amputation.


bitter lakers fan, you are the only pussy here. your team lost game one but its a seven game series so stop crying like a bitch. you and the rest of the media were on your knees ready to take kobe's dick but know that they lose you have to make up lame bullshit to make yourselves feel better. CELTICS IN 6.

NY Joe

Dude, you're an idiot. I bet you never were good at any sports in your whole life and don't know jack sh&# about injuries. You probably would cry about the carpal tunnel you get from jerking off to Kobe and writing your crappy blog.

I hope Kobe bends you over a chair like in his Colorado days and gives you what you've been wanting all these years.


OMG, NY Joe! That was a homerun hit! Yeah baby!!

Suck it up, lame sorry Fakers fans.


Paul Pierce is one of the greatest sports heroes of ALL time. Or at least one of the greatest recuperaters ever! Did you see the look a sheer agony on his face as his helplessness was carried off the court? What genetic mutation does he have that makes this devastating injury lessen in a matter of a few minutes? SO INSPIRING! I think he must be in good with Jesus.

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