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June 18, 2008


John R.

At least they will probably be allowed back in their own building...


Sorry you guys lost...in my opinion it's because your team is filled with choking pussies and the world's most overrated player. I'm sure you guys will go deep in the playoffs again next year...and then choke yet again.

Israel Rico

What do you expect....
Beer(Celtics + Irish)- Lakers(Whiskey + Red Arebauch's Corpse)
= Drunkfucks


Where are the overturned burning police cars that I remember so well from the Lakers championships?


I was just thinking today- man, the Lakers sure got a beating huh? I mean they were just humiliated. People will remember the game 4 collapse and the game 6 humiliation for a LONG time. Part of Kobe's legacy I guess.


Wow, I knew the Lakers were soft but all this crying from Brett makes me realize how soft Lakers fans really are. How does it feel when NBA analysts make fun of you guys in the stands and talk about how quiet you girls are during games? Now go get your fake tan, wear your fake-ass iced out jewelry, and frost your hair, you f'n twinkie.

P.S. This is hilarious...

Do you really think you are going to win with a pussy like this on your team? Ya, the Lakers future is really bright. They won't make the finals next year and you know it.


The Lakers' era is over, though kudos to them for netting Gasol and at least making a run at the Finals. Although I think the Cavs could have beat the Celtics, it was pretty clear the C's were going to take the Finals this year. What will be more interesting will be how fare next year - I don't think the Spurs (or Pistons) ever won back to back in the last ten years of their glory teams.
As for the Boston rioting, what do you expect, Boston's a crazy city -- did you hear about those teenage girls from Gloucester, Mass?


really Brett? really? this is all you have to say about game 6? where is the intelligent commentary...?


Random comment but...

I just want to say that you guys do an awesome job. While I hate the Lakers as much as anyone (and you guys are definately homers), I still really enjoy your insight. It bugs me that people use their hatred of the Lakers as an excuse to act like children (maybe they are children for all I know...). Anyway, keep up the good work.


If this was a city where 70% or more of the population was black, this would have made national news. Instead I heard about this on a blog just 2 weeks ago. Truley the media has an agenda...and its not exposing "others" for what they do wrong.

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