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May 14, 2008


MC Welk

That's an excellent post? Hearsay and interviews with 20-year-old Laker fans? I thought you had higher standards than that.


"Several fans who attended the game have said that some Jazz fans were chanting 'cancer' over and over again"

Really? "Several fans"? That's a pretty serious accusation to simply put "several fans." The writer is using broad generalizations and sensationalism to get some attention.


It must suck to have such an empty and boring life that you have the time to call other sports fans names on the internet. Nice life dude!


This behavior is irresponsible and heartless. Whether it was "several fans" or one fan, it was WRONG. The proof is in the picture... it happened. Rather than critiquing the author and others, you all should put your energy into something more positive & productive.


definitely classless..

Israel Rico

Hey what do you expect it's Utah

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And that same stuff doesn't happen in cali, right.


Here's the thing. Fisher's daughter was supposed to be going to a doctor in New York City, not Los Angeles. If Fisher was really doing what was best for his daughter he would be playing for the Knicks right now. He went straight back to the purple and yellow without a second thought. Jazz fans have a right to be angry.

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My point? Other than a self-aggrandizing personal anecdote? In pro hoops, when it takes an extraordinary individual performance to eek out a 2-point win on your home court...you're in trouble. Because, while it's impressive, you can't duplicate that magic every time you play someone. And you have to figure Wade probably wouldn't have gone off like that in Detroit.

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