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May 26, 2008



He always does. Stepping up in times like this has always been a part of his game.

Tonight will be one of those famous night Manu glorious career in the NBA.

But the series is far from over. Spurs must win game 3 or else they might go bust.

They also must know that they can't afford to relax in Game 4 just because of home court advantage. Every win must be earned.

I feel the Lakers will give the big push that the defending Champions never had last year.

Anyway, your thoughts on the game. Would really love to hear them...


Israel Rico

A test of wills this series will be if the Spurs win....
Can the Spurs bench produce well...depends on how well Pop utilizes this players..The Big 3 of the Spurs can carry but u need that 4th player that is key....
Kobe can't do it all he's human ans can run out of gass too...Bowens making him work hard...he's gonna get his...
LA's other 2 are mediocre at best...if the Spurs defense let them play.

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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He makes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental errors during important playoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by teams with superior talent and mental fortitude (think pistons

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