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May 05, 2008



no surprise with the celtics vs hawks game. although, there should've been only four of them like all the > experts said there would be, right. i just wonder if the celts' struggles on the road against the hawks was an apparition or if the road struggles will continue.

i was working during the spurs vs hornets game. which is good, because if i were watching it at home, i probably would've thrown my tv out the window. i'm looking into a conspiracy theory that involves david stern, the hornets' mascot, tim duncan and floor fires. i was following a lead that told me duncan was being intimidated by wasps, but it turns out he was talking about tim duncan's neighbors who won't let him build an 15' replica of the larry o'brian trophy in his front yard.

popovich and sloan need to prove their worth by making the necessary adjustments for the spurs and jazz to get the splits i hope (and still believe) they will get.

this whole avery/mavs/carlisle deal is just further proof that mark cuban is really stupid and his success is just dumb luck. dumbass rich people piss me off. avery johnson has dodged a bullet and saved his career.

Colonel D. Williams (Ret.)

Excellent analysis. I"m only disappointed that you don't write more. There's lots of free time here in the retirement home.


Thanks Colonel. I'll try to pick up the pace a little (like a post a day).


Monday Morning Point Guard? Kinda like Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback? The creativity is incredible here at the Association blog!

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