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May 28, 2008



I'm sure I won't get a non-biased answer here, but just something to ask yourself...

If the Lakers are down by two, and Kobe pump fakes and draws the same amount of contact from Bowen but gets no call, would you be saying the same thing? Of course not.

The NBA isn't rigged, the refs just flat out fucking suck.


It's happened before... you (and everyone else) seems to forget that the refs never let freethrows decide the game.


Was there contact? Yes. Could a call have been made? Yes. SHOULD it have been made? That's debatable.

Fouls are inherently subjective. What isn't subjective is Fisher's shot hitting the rim (though ruled an airball) and Odom's block being legitimate (though ruled goaltending). The refs put the Spurs in that position in the first place. The idea of it being a "conspiracy" against the Spurs is beyond asinine.

The team that was supposed to win the game won the game. End of story.


"...refs never let freethrows decide the game."

Tell that to Dwayne Wade...


Nick, that's a GREAT point.

Revised: Refs never let freethrows decide the game, unless Mark Cuban owns the losing team.


your logic here is flawed. take off the purple & yellow colored glasses. true enough, the game was not lost on that shot. the spurs had a whole game to take a lead, shut down the lakers defensively and win the game. yes, fisher's shot before probably glanced the rim (i never saw the replay) and the lakers should've got the fresh 24. if you want to go backwards, where was the and1 on odom's goaltend/mauling on parker? i digress. we are talking about one play here. not everything that came before it.
fisher fouled barry. it was obviously a foul. no question. even phil jackson admitted it. the fact that it wasn't a star player or a player who is known for making big shots, which is the most ridiculous of your arguments, is insignificant. the play was designed for ginobili. the lakers did a good job of sealing him off. barry got the ball, did his job and fisher fouled him. a foul is a foul is a foul.
you also contend that the spurs were dominated the whole game. really? what game were you watching? it's true the never held a lead, but they were right with the lakers for pretty much the entire game. they were in a good position to win it at the end.
i don't believe that the nba is rigged, but i do believe there is some really horrible officiating happening. you can't complain about the officials not letting kobe shoot free throws or missed fisher's rim shot in one breath and the turn around and say they got this "no call" right. that is totally hypocritical.

btw-the spurs record in this year's playoffs when crawford refs the game, 0 - 3.



Odom's block wasn't a goaltend or a mauling. Watch the clip here:



pining the ball on the backboard is goaltending and his body knocked parker out of bounds. ok, maybe "mauling" was a bit over-descriptive. just trying to make a point.
i'm not saying the spurs weren't out-played for most of the game, but they put themselves in a good position for a game winning shot. at the very least a foul before the shot attempt should have been called giving barry two at the line (the lakers were over the limit)to send the game into ot.
joey crawford, no momentum for the spurs in game 5, nba store selling celtics eastern conference champion t-shirts. hmmm.


According to the nba rule book, you can't "trap" a ball against the backboard. Here is how they put it:

"f. Trap the ball against the face of the backboard. (To be a trapped ball, three elements must exist simultaneously. The hand, the ball and the backboard must all occur at the same time. A batted ball against the backboard is not a trapped ball.)"

Odom, in the replay, gets to the ball first. It's not simultaneous. It's not a goaltend.

Whether or not it's a foul is subjective.


the interpretation of the rule must be subjective as well. it appears to me that odom's hand is still on the ball when it hits the backboard. whether or not his hand touches the ball before it gets there is irrelevant. the three elements do exist simultaneously. hand on ball on glass, at once. batting the ball off the backboard would have sent it off on some kind of trajectory. the ball stays on the glass for a moment and just rolls downward as odom's fingers roll off.


Just in this game: a last second non-call on Fisher, Bryant shooting 0 free throws (on 30 fga), odom's block/trap...

I don't think the NBA is rigged, but the referee-ing is terrible. And it would be such an easy fix to train and pay better referee's, instead of Joey "I hate San Antonio but they still pay me to ruin their home games" Crawford.


whether it was a foul or not, i think we all agree that the referee-ing has been inconsistent.

israel rico

That Jew Motherfucker David Stern is Salivating from his mouth..
Lakers/Celtics...he really must be ready to jerk-off now!!!!
open your mouth ABC/ESPN and you NBA so called Fans ...the money shot is just seconds away!!!!!

israel rico

That Jew Motherfucker David Stern is Salivating from his mouth..
Lakers/Celtics...he really must be ready to jerk-off now!!!!
open your mouth ABC/ESPN and you NBA so called Fans ...the money shot is just seconds away!!!!!

Lakers Blog

Hey Israel, when you're done being a prejudice fucker, come back and make a legit claim. Yes, the Celtics and Lakers are likely facing each other in the finals, again. BUT ITS NOT A COINCIDENCE. They are the two teams with the best rosters. The Celtics were predicted to go to the finals, and the Lakers pulled off a midseason trade that put them into contention. Let's be civilized and realize that the two most winningest teams in NBA history simply want to win championship, a concept that will never be understood by Donald Sterling and Clippers fans.

And Dave, you asked Craig which game he was watching. Well I watched the same game he did. If you balance out the free throws and give the teams an equal amount of attempts, the Lakers take another 14 shots and essentially lead by 21 going into the 4th rather than only 7. Also, in case you forgot, the Lakers led by 14 in the first quarter until Fisher and Odom picked up their 2nd fouls half way through. Get over yourself and accept that the Lakers are the best team in the league right now.

Great post Craig. I love the controversy. Please join tonight for Live Blog on www.LABallTalk.com


yes, that was a foul. for some strange reasons the spurs players stayed classy all along, because regardless of which team plays which, no game in the postseason should be decided on a play like this. believe I eally, really don't like the lakers (although this series made even me support them - go suns from now on again), but this whole conspiracy theory is just crap withe the NBA being rigged. If it were, the knicks would be playing the celtics now, because they are a historical team which can make a lot of money. yes, the refs suck big time. and israel rico, I hope you rot in a cell while mindlessly screaming shit like that. now that I'm over with my thoughts which do not concern the subject: the game was not, I repeat WAS NOT decided by this play. dave said arlier that the 'spurs never lead, but put themselves in a very good position for a game winning shot'. come on, that's weak. a great team like them NEVER waits for the last play to win something. no, the spurs are better than that (or better floppers, or something like that.). period. so, the lakers lead the whole game, they deserved to win it. and it doesn't matter at all now, after game 5. peace

Israel Rico

Yes am bloging from hell me and Satan are Homies and no I am not done....

Yep Stern and his people love money ...hate to lose money as I said again Lakers/Celtics...he really must be ready to jerk-off now!!!!
open your mouth Wider ABC/ESPN and you NBA so called Fans ...the money shot is just seconds away!!!!!

and as I have said the NBA has to stop living in the past...Stern and his League have jobbed too many teams during their runs and his tenure ..( ie. Vs Bulls, Celts, Lakers )...THE PLAYERS even KNOW it ...Look at Rasheed Wallace they need a new set of refs...hell look at Spygate, and of course the NBA will probally get away with it.
If the NBA can rig a draft, ban a player for 2 years...EEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!! hide a player gambling, saying yiddish bullshit "Ohh I rather see Lakers vs Lakers then your leauge is full of shit"....., extend a play-off series in the 1st round during the 2003 NBA season..because his Lakers were at a end of there run, what's this BS about Magic being cured from HIV? I thought you can't kill Viruses...it's bullshit Magic he never had AIDS...there's some a miss that the NBA was gonna find out about him or knew something about him that was gonna hurt the leauge...or that bastard would have croaked any way.
Dose anyone remember Karl Malone REALLY Being pissed off about Magic...come on!!!
If top excects like ENRON can lanuder your insurance money and fuck you over...then you know the NBA is doing shit behind the wall..

Hey Laker Fan...look how you team got jobbed by Bird...in 1984


Do you ever hear about other Commissoners say stupid shit like Stern... Did Rosell ever say I want to see Cowboys Vs Cowboys
or Giamatti say Yankees vs Yankees..
Tony Bruno said it best "The NBA is a Smoking Mirrors League"
and long as Stern is there other teams instead of the Lakers and Celtics fans, teams of other fans like the Suns, Spurs, Pistons, ect...will get fucked.

God give Death permission to give Stern a Stroke...

Rosell and Gimmatti don't want his ass in heaven send him to hell!!!!!

the Prince of Persia

P.S: The US Sucks at Basketball anyway you got that Sternie...watch them get beat this summer...Euro teams don't get scared or give a shit when they play the US...they just beat them!!!!

Colonel D. Williams (Ret.)


Is this a Lakers blog or a blog about the Association? Your argument discusses just about everything except what happened between Fisher and Barry.

Horry's thuggery - wasn't this site saying Horry did nothing wrong in his pick against West in the last series?

You're foaming at the mouth. How can you even claim any objectivity?


um . . . games with lopsided free throw attempts happen a lot in the nba. sometimes even against the spurs and in the lakers' favor. i will admit that the lakers were better (obviously) than the spurs this year. however, i'm sure the celtics (i think we can all accept this as an inevitability now) will have something to say about who the best team in the league is. the point was that game 4 was never really out of grasp for the spurs.

"get over yourself"? what a quintessential, vacant, pointless, squirelly ass, L.A. insult. you, like, totally burned me, hella bad, brah.

go celtics!


So what Robert Horry did last season against the Suns is NOT thuggery? And didn't the Spurs benefit from the unusual suspension of Amare?

And with only 3 teams left (one being the Lakers), OF COURSE I will be writing about them... I have season tickets. If you're not up for Lakers-heavy stuff, wait until July when I return to the semi-objective stance.

Though I do appreciate your participation and I'd hate to lose your opinions, Colonel.


Go Celtics? How about Doc Rivers? You're telling me that a team coached by the W-O-R-S-T head coach in the NBA will have an easy time against the Lakers?

I just might know a thing or two anout a thing or two (didn't I write that the Lakers will wineasily against the Spurs?)!


what were you writing about the spurs last year, genius?
what about this year and their chances against the suns and the hornets? please. just because things went your way this year doesn't make you kreskin.

hell yeah, go celtics. kobe is a talented athlete and, arguably, the best basketball player on the planet right now, but he is also an annoying jackass and i wish him no further success.

garnett, pierce, and to a lesser extent, allen are all guys i can get behind and root for. the celtics are just cooler dudes than kobe & the douchebags (gasol and odom excluded). sorry. i don't want to hurt your feelings, but being a lakers fan is like being a yankees fan. they are like the default team for casual fans of basketball, dumb celebrities and dumber teenage girls. they are like the fall out boy of the nba. they have the hair,the clothes and the guitars, but we all know they're dorks.

i've had enough of the spur-bashing. give it a rest. they lost. your team won. enough. that's all i ever read on these f'in blogs the spurs are dirty, boring, floppers, bad for basketball, lucky, don't deserve their success, asterisk, and the best of all . . . cheaters involved in a conspiracy that includes david stern, tim donaghy, robert horry, your mom, the government, steve nash, men in black, amare stoudemire, ufos, mike d'antoni, john wilkes booth, the kennedys, etc. are we done now? how about just a little reprieve? is that too much too ask?

israel rico

Fuck the lakers and Fuck the Celtics and that Judio Commissioner who fixes games

As Axl Rose said "you can Suck my Ass (trek)..

You Spur hating motherfuckers!!!!!!

Stern and his people love money ...hate to lose money as I said again Lakers/Celtics...he"s READY to jerk-off now!!!!
open your mouth Wider ABC/ESPN and you NBA so called Fans ...the money shot is just seconds away!!!!!
and don't get HIV!!!!!!!


Spurs don't choke. good players are hard to come by.


anti-israel rico

Dear israel Rico,

you are a stupid, 'spic towelheaded motherfucker who until now has gotten the benefit of the doubt... Most of the others on this site have let you rant and rave and spew your wetback shwarma-lamb-eating comments for long enough. But as an outsider myself, a citizen of Britain, I am putting my foot down.

The funny thing is, you probably don't even watch much sports. You don't have a fucking clue, mate. Instead you overhear others' ideas and opinions and then claim them as you own. There are lots of trolls like yourself out there who imitate their brothers, fathers or classmates or whoever.

It's a pity you weren't born cool. Or intelligent. Or Western. These things can't be changed. You are who you are But don't hate on others because your family is inadequate. Remember without American or the great UK you would still be chasing eachother around on camel's for sport.

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