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May 22, 2008



argh! i was really hoping the spurs could steal game 1, but they just couldn't find the basket. they let that one slip away. i think their legs gave out in the 4th. the spurs gave that game away just as much as the lakers won it. however, i'm still positive because the spurs showed that they can control the pace of the game. all they need is for one of the "big three" to step up and have a big 4th quarter. i feel pretty confident about a split in l.a.


"i feel pretty confident about a split in l.a." I'm totally worried about that. The Lakers got away with not showing up for 2 1/2 quarters. They won't win another game with that type of effort.


Despite a much too close win for the Lakers last night, I'm actually pretty encouraged because far more went wrong for the Lakers than the Spurs and LA somehow still came away with the win.

Like you, I wanted to change the channel midway thru the 3rd q, but I didn't and now I'm glad I stuck with my boys. Just like Gino will almost assuredly come back strong in game 2, I think the same holds true for LO (at least he ended well, and I think it will carry over) and D-Fish. Also, I'm hoping the Lakers drive the paint more and try a bit harder to get to the line, although it's tough cuz the Spurs are so good at playing good D without fouling -- I was amazed once again by how good they are at this.

All and all, I'm looking forward to a great series and hopefully a Lakers win.


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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He makes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental errors during important playoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by teams with superior talent and mental fortitude (think pistons

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