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May 20, 2008



i've always wanted to know. what's it like to be so stupid?

Jason W.

I don't think the comparison of the Spurs to the Jazz is an apt one. Yes, they share "all-star power forwards", but the difference is that Tim Duncan is a hall-of-famer toward the end of his prime while Carlos Boozer is a good player made better by his team and system.

Also, Manu Ginobli is a HUGE difference, don't you think?

As a Lakers fan, I'm VERY worried about the Spurs series. These two teams haven't matched up in their current configuration yet, but the Spurs showed the ability to slow the Lakers' offense down this year, something almost no one else did. Pau could get easily frustrated by the defense of Duncan and Oberto, nobody can stay in front of Tony Parker, etc. etc. I think L.A. has a slight edge, but I'd rather play the Hornets, who have even less of a bench, and look much more like the Jazz than the Spurs do: super point guards (Williams, Paul), all-star but not hall-of-fame power forwards (Boozer, West), one major three point threat with a semblance of a dribble-drive game (Peja, Okur).


i've given it some thought and i realize i was too harsh. you're not that stupid. i've actually been surprised lately by the heaping of praise you've ladled on the spurs organization. i just don't understand why you, as a lakers fan would favor a match up with the defending world champion san antonio spurs.

so, pau gasol is going to be the difference maker, eh? i find it funny that when the lakers first made the gasol deal that you (and the majority of lakers fans) were counting on the tandem of gasol/bynum to take down the spurs. well, where is bynum? all you have left is gasol, who has never been able to defend duncan by himself. so, will the lakers double team duncan? play him one on one? neither option seems to favorable.

i know, i know. you have kobe "mvp" bryant. well, as the spurs proved with the hornets, they can let the opposing team's best player do what he wants and still win the game. the spurs also have the vilified bruce bowen who, by kobe's own admission, defends him better than anyone in the league.

tony parker is going to run rings around d fish. farmar and vujacic are really no better than jacques vaughn. honestly, who would you rather have right now, walton, radmonovic, turiaf or horry, finley, thomas?

oh, and i didn't even mention manu ginobili.

the spurs just beat the team you think provides a less favorable match up. gasol is a smart player, but not as athletic as tyson chandler or as agressive as david west. the key for the lakers will be lamar odom, who has a habit of disappearing when the pressure is on. i think the lakers would've favored the hornets.

btw-how's kobe's back?


Dave, so many interesting points.

1 - Maybe the reason why I'm heaping more praise on the Spurs is because I see them near then end of their brilliant run. So I'm more or less paying homage to their ability to stay relevant for so long.

2 - Pau's a difference in the fact that he takes pressure of the Lakers real difference-maker, Lamar Odom. LO was never comfortable in the No. 2 role. Now with defenses appropriately focusing on Kobe and Pau, Odom can "sneak in" for his now-typical 18 and 14. He's by far the Lakers best rebounder and very good on defense. His quickness and length will be a problem for Ducan. Not to the point of shutting him down, but to the comfort level where I see the Lakers passing on doubling him.

3 - Lost in the NOLA and Celtics love-fest during the playoffs has been the exceptional play of the Lakers. How many times have they been blown out in losses? Ummm ZERO! They're a difficult team to beat simply because of Kobe's competitive nature. Also, the Lakers offense is more explosive and efficient than the Three-Peat era. How can you explain them constantly dropping 100+ on the defensive-oriented call-every-play-on-offense-to-slow-it-down Utah Jazz? Gone are the days of slowing down the game and watching Kobe carry the Lakers.

4 - As I've said before, they just beat Spurs-lite in the Utah Jazz. What new wrinkle will they see that they didn't just face in the last 10-days?

5 - Sure you can drop the Manu card, but as he's continually proven in his playoff career, he's still inconsistent. He'll kill the Lakers for a few W's, but not for an entire 7-game series.

6 - They're old! How do you explain those 3 very embarassing blow-out losses? Granted, Duncan was ill for Game 1, but how can a championship caliber team roll over so easily? So bring on Horry's corpse, Finley's corpse, Barry corpse... the Hornets go six deep and they exposed the Spurs lack of depth.

7 - Looking at the Lakers weakness X's and O's wise... The Lakers had problems against zone defense, but they found the proper countermeasure against Utah. They put someone in the mid-range post and slipped a weakside offensive player under the basket. This causes the middle defender to chose between double-teaming Pau, Kobe or Odom in the post or rotating over to guard the weakside player. Pau got a lot one-on-one looks on Friday.

On defense, the Spurs backbreaker against the Lakers is the corner three. The Laker chose to close out the lane on penetrations from Parker and Ginobili leaving the corner exposed. In the past BOTH Finley and Bowen have killed the Lakers by hitting those WIDE OPEN corner threes. Those two are not hitting their threes like in the past.

Is that enough?


Craig you got owned like a bitch right there.


i like the bravado! it sounds familiar. oh yeah, it sounds like suns and hornets fans.

yes, the spurs are old, but when is this going to start being a factor? they just beat the youngest team in the playoffs. sure, it took them seven games, but they are old & they came back from 0-2. i think the hornets surprised them a little. that won't happen against the lakers. sure, some of these guys are on their last legs and they, more than anyone, know it. don't make the mistake of underestimating a team of experienced, smart, cagey vets who are willing to push themselves to the limit and beyond to seal their legacy.

popovich has shown an uncanny ability to make key adjustments from game to game (as well as in game). the spurs don't have to blow anybody out. they don't feel the urgency to close out a series early. they know the playoffs are a marathon. they don't get rattled. they don't lose their composure. they never worry. they just win. throw out you stats. the regular season's a wash.

no one on the lakers can guard duncan one on one. let's face it, out of all four teams left, the lakers have had the easiest road. the nuggets basically rolled over. the jazz, despite your assertion, are nowhere near the level of the spurs. boozer is good, but he isn't tim duncan. not even close. tony parker never gets the praise like chris paul and derron williams, but come playoff no point guard in the league ratchets up his game like parker. and manu . . . dude, we only need manu for a few w's.

are you suggesting that the lakers' bench is better than the spurs? give me old & experienced over young & crappy any day.
udoka is playing great, knocking down threes, getting steals and playing hard nosed defense. horry has still got a big shot or two left in the rifle and he can still knock somebody's ass on the floor. watch out if finley or barry get hot. they can put the spurs over the top in any game. kurt thomas is a great rebounder, defender and is money with that 12-15 foot jumper.

the lakers have had it easy so far. it's good that everyone thinks the spurs are old & done. if the lakers believe that then they are going to get rolled. the spurs always raise the stakes and find a way to win in the playoffs. the lakers walk down easy street gets rocky tomorrow night.


Chad - How did I get owned? Did you not read what I wrote?

Dave - True, no healthy player on the Lakers can stop Duncan one-on-one, but that's not what they're asking Odom to do. All they need to do is keep him from exploding (if he's even capable of doing that anymore). If Odom can contain Duncan to a 26 and 12 game then the Lakers don't have to double down, thus exposing the corner threes.

I never said the Lakers bench is better than the Spurs. But unlike the past 3 seasons, the Lakers bench can hold their own when compared to the other top teams in the league. Take off the Spurs goggles and realize that they're no longer crappy. And it's not like the Spurs bench is dominant or even relevant. (And DON'T count Ginobili as a bench player... he's a starter who comes in at the 5 minute mark!)

Yes, Parker is a great point guard, but again Fisher held his own against another top 5 point guard in the NBA in Williams.

"Popovich has shown an uncanny ability to make key adjustments from game to game (as well as in game)." Popovich and Jackson are THE two best NBA coaches, they negate each other.

This all comes down to the Spurs offense versus the Lakers defense. Can the Spurs match the Lakers point for point? We know the Lakers defense is not that great but the Spurs offense was been very Jeff Van Gundy-esque. The Lakers will get their 100-105 a game, but can the Spurs match that?


Repeatedly getting owned like a bitch on your own blog.

How embarrassing.


i think duncan is ready for another huge game or two. he was a little suppressed by the all the double teaming the hornets threw at him. of course he can still explode. remember game 1 vs phoenix? it wasn't that long ago. duncan still has something to prove. even if odom can contain duncan (although, i don't know if letting him get 26 & 12 is containing him), the spurs can still get open perimeter looks with parker and ginobili's
dribble penetration.

no, the spurs bench is not dominant, but they are all smart players who know their role and are willing to defend even if they aren't getting off on the offensive end. as improved as the lakers supporting cast is, i still see kobe's frustration in them pop up on a regular basis.

i don't count ginobili as a bench player, especially since he is now a starter. not sure if pop wiil keep him as a starter or bring him off the bench vs the lakers.

despite age, fisher and williams are similar physically. also, fisher mentored williams last year and knows his game pretty well. believe me, parker is chomping at the bit to blow fisher's doors off. the spurs and their fans haven't forgotten the ".4 shot". honestly, that one still hurts.

i agree that the spurs success hinges greatly upon their ability to score, but they only have to score one more point than what they hold their opponent to.

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As a Spurs fan, I'm cheering for the Celtics and KG. I hope this series lives up to the hype but if not it will be better than crappy dancing TV shows which seem to be on every single channel.


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Basically, if Portland beats Denver tomorrow, they have home-court in the first round. If they lose, they need Houston to lose in order to rtaien the 4th seed. And if the Blazers can beat the Nuggets and both SA and Houston lose (not likely), the Blazers actually get 3rd and end up playing New Orleans (because it's NO vs Houston on Wednesday, I believe, which would elevate NO out of the tie for 6th)This is the closest playoff seeding I've EVER seen. I said that last year, too, but it's even closer this year!

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