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May 07, 2008



You're absolutely right about Mike Brown. While his offensive coaching is lacking, he deserves recognition and praise for his ability to get that Cavs team to play defense. He took a rather uninspiring roster last year (except for James of course) and turned them into arguably one of the best defensive teams in the league. This year, he's managed to make Wally world, a notoriously poor defender, seemingly adequate defensively.

All Brown needs is a top-notch offensive mind for assistant coach...and some offensive talent that isn't named Lebron.


I wouldn't get too cocky after one game. Lebron played extremely well against the Celtics all year...much better then he played against the Pistons. Yes, Lebron completely owned Detroit in Game 5 last year and that is the most amazing performance I have ever seen. The way I see it, Lebrons bad night ends up cancelling out the Pierce/Allen bad night. It didn't happen last night, but I would take Lebron over KG in the last 5 minutes of a close 4th quarter game any day of the year. I'd be worried if I was Boston, b/c this game went down to the final posession in Boston and Lebron had a terrible game. In the 1st round Boston crushed Atl. by an avg of 25 at home yet still lost all 3 road games...if you squeak by Cleveland when Lebron has a terrible game, what will happen when you play in Cleveland?


Jim, I agree that whis wasn't a convincing win, but take into account the fact that the player who is 9 times out of 10 the celtics' best scorer had a 2-14 night, and ray allen didn't make a goddamn field goal!!! if they hit just half of their shots, this would have been a blowout, not a close game. (sam goes for lbj of course). neither of these 3 terrific scorers will have nights like these again I think.

Israel Rico

The Celtics pretty much took a page out of Popovich's 2007 Finals defense on LeBron, one thing for sure is that HE CAN NOT BEAT YOU ALL BY HIMSELF (only a team like Detroit).....the Cavs screwed up two seasons ago by letting Carlos Boozer go, his offense would have kept the pressure off Lebron, Wallace however has no game, sure he's a great rebounder, but never a factor.
Mike Brown has a big job ahead of him, but the Cavs are gonna need their role players to step up.

Dan Patrick also mentioned that Lebron is not Overrated....to an extent he is, sure he got Cleveland to the Finals but don't you think viewers would have watched the Finals because of Lebron? But NBA fans are so Gdamn hypocritcal, Sure you have small market teams but if you have the "Face" of the NBA in the Finals, and no ones watching...you got a problem with your marketing staff....plus networks as well they...crap shit down your throat everytime ESPN, ABC is on the air (ie stupid ass promos, tv time-outs) JUST PLAY THE FUCKING GAME!!!!!!!

The NBA wants to relive the "Glory Days of CBS and NBC", but with so much access to media Internet, blogs, blackberrys, cell phones, it's just a diffrent era....the last ratings have not been good since Jordan left....but the internet was in it's infancy to at that time how the last 10 years have made a difference. Even if if there is a Celtics/Lakers Series the ratings wont be high as the 80's was. Personally I don't care for those two teams any way...but ill tune in a bit here and there.

In final Cav fans pray that LeBron dosen't leave C-town, cause you can count your team to be in the cellar of the East Central.


Jim, you're right on. This series will come down to the wire, especially now that things are going to Cleveland.

As far as the LBJ skeptics, you probably felt the same way last year around this time when the Cavs were going into the conference finals and Lebron ended up schooling the Pistons. So I don't really buy your arguments. Yes, Lebron was cold in game one, but is capable of exploding at any time. I think he can carry this team back to the Finals.

(I didn't see last night's game, but know they lost by a bigger margin than the first game.)


The Celtics cannot defend Lebron tonight.


The Celtics cannot defend Lebron tonight.


Posey DEFINITELY tried to TACKLE LBJ. He should have been rejected upon the officials reviewing the play.

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