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April 16, 2008



giving the 6th man award to kyle korver actually makes sense..


kyle korver? really? the sixers get rid of this guy and get better. are the jazz better? not really. korver has a one dimensional game. perimeter shooting. can he create his own shot? lead a fast break? break ankles with a crossover? finish at the rim going right or left? is he a good passer? can he play defense? is he an agressive rebounder? steals? toughness?
the answer to all questions is no.
do you know who can do all those things and lead his team in scoring?
manu ginobili.


too much man-love for manu? give it a rest dude.. he'll probably win the award.. the 6th man award are for those people who are actually the 6th man.. not a starter sitting on the bench..


there is always some ridiculous reason that a san antonio spur shouldn't win. manu isn't really a sixth man, bruce is too dirty, and my favorite, tim has too much help. why don't you give it a rest, jackass. man love for manu. that's real cute. aren't you a tough guy on the internet.


I agree that Bowen is dirty and Manu isn't really a 6th man in the traditional sense (oh, and I'm also an internet tough guy!), but I'm not sure that Kyle Korver is the best 6th man in the league. Did Jose Calderon get too many starts to be in the running?


Guys, give Craig a break. He once went down on Kyle in the bathroom of a Dave and Buster's and ever since has had quite the thing for him.


"are the jazz better?"

37-12 since the trade.

To me, the 6th man is not the best overall player in the NBA that doesn't start, it's the player that adds something from the bench. Manu is a starter who happens to come in 3 minutes into the game. He's arguably the Spurs 2nd best player (and many would argue their best player this year). I just don't think he fits the original intent of the 6th man award.

As I wrote, "In fact, I'm curious why he isn't getting a 5th place vote for MVP."

Dave, this time I'm actually NOT hating on the Spurs.


i meant, are the jazz better, overall, than they were last year? i don't think they are.
i just believe in giving credit where it's due. i don't like the lakers or kobe bryant, but i believe he deserves the mvp. no question. hasn't bruce bowen deserved at least one dpoy in the last five years? if kobe is the best player in the league and, by his own admission, bruce bowen defends him better than anyone in the league, wouldn't that make bowen the best defender? it's simple mathematics, people. also, let me propose this. if bruce bowen was on your team would you call him dirty?
why do i even bother?

matt w.

Uh... I'm a lifelong, die-hard Spurs fan and... Bruce Bowen is dirty as hell. He wasn't when he first earned his reputation 4-5 years ago and deserve consideration for DPOY. But now he just gets dirtier with each passing year and lost step. Man, I hope we draft Brandon Rush to replace his ass.

That said, dogging Manu for winning the 6th Man award seems like splitting hairs. Look a how other teams have gone to a similar rotation (Dallas pops to mind), all because of Manu's success. That seems like an achievement worthy of recognition.


@ dave
thanks for calling me a jackass, you must be an internet toughie too.. for the record, i'm not a spurs hater. Manu is my favorite player in SA. but as craig said it, manu doesn't fit the true criteria of a 6th man.. kyle korver will NOT win the award, but he is a sixth man.. josh childress is a sixth man.. jason maxiell is a sixth man.. bostjan nachbar is a sixth man.. manu is NOT.. manu is a superstar sitting on the bench..


matt w. makes an excellent point about how other teams have adopted the approach of bringing in a starter off the bench. maybe it's time to redefine what exactly a sixth man is. manu is doing what is best for the team as popovich sees it. he should get credit for that. i don't think there are a lot of superstar egos that would do the same as unselfishly as he has.

can we pinpoint the exact moment bowen went from good defender to dirty player? did it happen to coincide with other players (i'm looking at you ray allen) accusing him of being dirty because he played them so frustratingly well? did he decide to be more demonstratively "dirty" because he already had the rep?
ok. bruce bowen is dirty. my point is . . . so what? he is pretty selective about who he does it to and it's usually the players who will be the most psychologically affected by it. it's not like he is the only player (i'm looking at you raja bell) who does this, but he is the only player who gets called out on it.

i don't comment here expecting someone to respond to me with immature, personal attacks. if you have a point to make, then just make your point. i think anyone in my position would have the urge to retaliate. i should've just let it go, but i had a moment of weakness.


Again, genius. I'm a huge Jazz fan, yet I'd never considered Korver for 6th MOY. You actually make a great point.

To Dave: Korver's game is a bit one-dimensional, but he is actually a good passer and an underrated defender.


@ dave
you're the one who called me jackass man..
i already made my point.. i don't really care if manu wins the 6th man award.. all i'm saying is that he is not a real 6th man. he is a superstar sitting on the bench.. he does not fit the criteria of a true 6th man..


The exact moment that Bowen became a dirty player? Wow that's a tough one, because there are so many awe-inspiring moments of dirtiness in his career. If I had to pick one it would be this moment:


I know, I know, he got jobbed on that call, the contact was incidental!


that's my favorite, too!

Israel Rico

AFTER Game 1 your article on Manu is Bush!!!!!!!

HE IS THE SIXTH MAN OF THE YEAR...he should have been it last year and the year before. Bowen should have been D player of the year....but your stupid ass blog and the bias ass east coast media with their heads in their asses to early to bed don't see that!!!!!!

jacs aj

there is always some ridiculous reason that a san antonio spur shouldn't win. manu isn't really a sixth man, bruce is too dirty, and my favorite, tim has too much help. why don't you give it a rest, jackass. man love for manu. that's real cute. aren't you a tough guy on the internet. www.bestplanetsneakers.com

jacs aj

there is always some ridiculous reason that a san antonio spur shouldn't win. manu isn't really a sixth man, bruce is too dirty, and my favorite, tim has too much help. why don't you give it a rest, jackass. man love for manu. that's real cute. aren't you a tough guy on the internet. http://www.bestplanetsneakers.com

Charles Taylor

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