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April 07, 2008



Dirk's best basketball was during the 2006 playoffs against the Suns and the Spurs and the European Championships where they won the silver medal. But who knows? Maybe he gets on another big run two years later. He has it in him. He's by far the most dangourous 7-footer on offense.


fantastic photo of Dirk.


"intellectually irresponsible MVP discussion" - Hilarious and insightful analysis. Great read as usual...


blugh. Amare is the most overrated guy in the NBA, bec. he dunks REALLY HARD. I mean its still only two points, but it makes the announcers all tingly. this guy couldnt break 15 a game if he didnt play w Nash. put him in any other Forward/Centers place as the premier player of a team and that teams record would sink like a stone - Boston, Orlando, Cleveland, etc.


he's definitely gained a few points in my book.

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