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April 28, 2008



George Karl should be fired, but the Nuggets ownership (Stan Kroenke) has never shown much strength here (at least not in the last five years). Before Karl, the Nuggs had a decent coach in Jeff Bzdelik (no worse than Karl). Kroenke cut Bzdelik's legs out from under him when he decided not to re-up his contract in his final year, saying that he wanted to "wait out" the coaching situation. Then Kroenke made a half-hearted attempt to convince the world Bzdelik was the man. But everyone knew, and I mean everyone, that Kroenke was going to fire Bzdelik. The players simply tuned out Bzdelik for the first half of his last season until George Karl showed up at the all-star break. All the sudden, the Nuggets looked a lot better. The truth is Karl's Nuggets had roughly the same record as Bzdelik's Nuggets from the year before. The players just quit on Bzdelik.

Bzdelik went on to coach at the Air Force academy and lead that team to their best record in 50 years - in his first season as coach. Not bad for a Nuggets reject.

Karl is overrated, but Stan Kroenke is too stupid to make a move. Instead, he'll hem and haw about it for a while (just like he did to Bzdelik) and make certain that the 08-09 season starts off on the wrong foot. At least that's my cynical guess.

It's a shame that Avery Johnson will lose his job so unceremoniously - but that's what you get when you convince your owner to dump Devin Harris for Jason Kidd.

Colonel D. Williams (Ret.)

I agree that the Denver situation is a mess. I know we're talking about coaches but I don't know if even Popovich could bring sanity to that ill-conceived roster. Lots of talent but no heart and no basketball IQ, and even worse, no real point guard. They were better with Andre Miller. At least then, we could have seen more quickly that Melo does not have the capabilities to be a true alpha dog and lead that team.

As for Avery - people down here are under the belief that the trade was engineered by Cuban. I'd heard the GM wasn't consulted and that Avery argued against it. Also, Avery is coaching a team ill-suited for his style. He has one of the softest super-stars in the league. I wonder if they should have tried to trade Dirk for Kobe when things were blowing up in LA over the Summer? Hmm, I wonder if that would have been a better move?

Avery would do better with a young team of hustlers - guys who might not have all the talent but would be molded into winners.

That's just two cents from the Colonel.


Israel Rico

Clearly whose to blame is upper Mgmnt. (in the West) they will never take the heat!!!!!

The Suns trade for Shaq was bad...even if they get through the Spurs...they won't get far after a punishing 7 game series. Shaq isn't the healthy center he was 5 years ago

The Mavs trade for Kidd was worse and even Mavs fans knew that from the get go.....thank god that the Spurs passed on Kidd back in '03.... as a Spurs fan I would hate to see Avery fired...I hope that he comes back as a assitant with the Spurs...I think a little bit more coaxing from Pop would really help him smooth out his rough edges.


Steve Nash wasn't relevant on the floor this year. In game 5 he committed like four or five turn overs where it really hurt them the most. The Suns were probably the better team but they just couldn't execute down the stretch. Playoff experience can help to avoid this, Phoenix has had four years of playoff experience, so what the hell happened?

Israel Rico

Jambi they lost that's what happened to the Suns.....
The Spurs were and are a better team.....the Suns got cocky after the season series win over the Spurs.
In Game 1 they had them, but when you go up aganist the defending champions (Not that anyone gives a shit anyway in the ESPN Family or East Coast Media ....which I really don't give a f**k)
You better be ready to for your A game, fact of the matter is Pop was the better coach!



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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He makes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental er rors during important playoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by teams with superior talent and mental fortit ude (think pistons


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