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April 15, 2008


J Rock

Nellie is a basketball god.

John R.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the Warriors miss the playoffs by 1 game or less and the Lakers take the first seed by 1 game or less?

That would mean that game between the two that the league fixed would have decided the ultimate fate of both teams.

And they say it all evens out. Doesn't seem that way right now.

noah h.

John, you can't point to one game. How about the Warriors loss the T-Wolves at home (late January I think?) or the Hawks and Chicago at home (February) or at Indiana? Every game mattered and the Warriors lost too many games to inferior opponents. They should lose to the Lakers, those aren't the games that kept them out of the playoffs.

John R.

Why not? One game is one game. Each game is worth the same. One completely inexplicable call decided that game. Now that's not to say that that game wouldn't have ended the same way without the call, but we will never know.

One fixed game may have decided the fate of both teams. Heck, you really gotta include the fates of the Hornets and Nuggets here too.

The NBA, where fixing happens.

See: Philly last night.


Are we really playing the whole "The NBA is fixed for the Lakers" card? Did they fix the GSW's loss to Denver at home last Thursday? What about that blowout loss to Dallas a few weeks ago? Or the night before that when San Antonio ROLLED the Warriors? Did they fix the Lakers W over New Orleans last Friday?

As impressive as the Warriors were from mid-November to mid-March, the fact remains that two things kept them out of the playoffs: fatigue and Captain Jack's suspension. They have nobody else to blame but themselves. Maybe if Nellie actucally developed a bench and not traded J-Rich, the Warriors would be a 5 or 6 seed, but instead it's always someone else's fault (refs, David Stern, etc.).


John R.


As the facts continue to mount up, continued stubbornness won't change them or make them untrue.

That one call decided the fate of 5 teams.

There is no other reasonable explanation for such a call.

"While the Warriors' Stephen Jackson made sure that his team won the first one in Los Angeles, the referees at the end of last night's game made a horrific call to seal the victory for the Lakers." -- Brett Edwards


if everyone, inconsequentially, to make claims of the nba fixing games to favor a spurs championship, i don't see what is so outrageous about john r.'s comments. if anything, fixing games for the lakers makes much more sense financially. no excuse for the spurs horrible offense against the lakers, but there were several questionable illegal defense no calls in that game.

for the record, i don't believe the nba is fixed.


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