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April 22, 2008


Truth About It Dot Net

Wow...that is great stuff. Very cool.

Israel Rico

If you see Game 7 of the 2005 NBA Finals he did the same thing...he may not say much to the press but when the game is on the line...watch out he may not burn you but his teamates might.....great post...but what's great is when he pumps his fist..who says he dosen't show emotion?


The cheap shot to Kobe makes you an ass. Show me evidence he "over-inflate their leadership value just to save face", (Whatever the hell that means) jerk-off. Cool pics.


I agree with Jam. The comment about Kobe was completely random. It ruined what was otherwise an excellent post.


Great Post. Popovich has commented a couple of times about how Duncan will make a great coach one day, and oftentimes the amount of communication he and the other guys share on the court speaks to what a cerebral player he is. I think the only guy who has a truly similar relationship to his team is Kevin Garnett.


I'm the biggest Kobe supporter out there (8 year Lakers season ticket holder and firm defender of his MVP award this season), but you gotta admit it sounds a little forced when he says things like, "As the leader I have to..." and "Well, the team looks to me as a leader." I just don't buy into it. Just look at the body language of his teammates when he goes into one of those one-on-five situations (like Memphis a few weeks ago). I just don't see the team respond to him like the rest of the Spurs do to Duncan. But maybe things are starting to change a little this year.


this illustrates perfectly why i am a spurs fan. it took a long time, but the rest of the world (save for suns fans)seems to be catching on. looking forward to another great game tonight. hopefully, all of shaq's grousing about flopping won't affect the way the refs call the game. wishful thinking. anyway, thanks for the positive spurs story.
for the record, i've always thought kobe was a pretty selfish dude, but he honestly seems to be taking his leadership role seriously this year.

Israel Rico

Kobe has never been a leader hes just a selfish ballhog rapist who got away with murder who dosen't think his shit stinks...probally the biggest crybaby going to management...what a pussy!


Israel Rico,
I am not a Kobe fan. I can't stand him. I guess that makes me a Kobe hater. However, IF he is a rapist, there are only two people in the world who know that for sure. I'm guessing you aren't one of those two people. If Kobe was Joe Blow on the street and not a "public figure" in the legal sense, he would have a suit for slander against you.

Kobe Byrant had lots of reasons to settle that case out of court even if he was innocent. The sooner his name wasn't in the news headlines, the sooner he could get his endorsements back. Besides just being able to move on with his life, even if he didn't rape her, the settlement was a good business decision.

I'm not saying he didn't rape her, but unless you are Kobe himself or the accuser, you don't really have any right to say he did.

Israel Rico

The power of money........buy your wife a big rock and she'll forget he forced his pi-pi into that white woman..
talk about your rocky mountain high, come on Russell this isn't the 1940's or 50's when crap like this was REALLY hush hush.
So what dose Kobe do to "get away from his rape charge"
he changes his image #8 to #24...
tries to act like he's a angel....
then bashes the Laker Organization....
I know some members of the press here in S.A. and they tell me he is the biggest asshole in the planet..
to me he looks like one and is one..you can just tell

ohh yeah watch for him to come out with a book many yaers later called "If I Raped her"


this was a great post that sums up what a class organization the spurs have. you, sir, are classless and you give the spurs and their fans a bad name. you are not funny and your grammar and spelling is atrocious. nobody cares if you know members of the san antonio press. who do you know? buck harvey? that guy is an idiot and a terrible writer. he's worse than woody paige. show some class. have some respect for your team and chill out.
i understand that by posting this comment, i will probably only encourage more bile from you, but somebody has to be the voice of intelligent, respectful spurs fans.

ps-for a much funnier take on kobe's "situation", check out what dave chapelle said about it.

Israel Rico

who cares about my grammar...and besides your probally a Spurs hater anyway...I know the org. is classly....my problem is with Kobe he's just a prick ...plain and simple oh and a rapist
lest we forget....

Israel Rico

It's seems also that media yokels jump on and off the Spurs bandwagon.....they got pissed off at the in the 1990's for begin soft.....NOW they have a defense 1st mentallity and are a boring team...heck make up your minds.

The NBA wants a thug image "melo" DWI, Kobe Raping someone "algededly"...

Pot smokers in the NBA...

Or image of dunkers "T-Mac", "K. James", "V. Carter"

Refs fixing games....yes Suns fans get over it.....!!!!

It's all typical for the league if Stern acted like Godell the NBA would be apeshit...and is a double standard...

but the bottom line for this organization is winning...we tried it in the 1970's and in the 1980's came -up short to Magic HIVtime lakers, and in the early 1990's in the Robinson era to Portland, Yes SUNS fans to Barkely on his shot!!!!! Chuck is cool though...Robinson played like a pussy by not fronting him...

but now with a cohesive team weve taken 3 titles..yes we are getting old...and there will be a period of decline but soon..We will be back...we had success in the late 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and now.

The media and the NBA just can't make up their minds on what they want...high ratings??????

Was Lakers/Pistons in 2004 least viewed too...the Lakers were playing...what about those numbers? Even with LeBron last year...there would be hype but the ratings were low.....Isn't Leborn the face of the Leauge to bring the cash flow?
The problem is the NBA wants the 1980's era back

lets see at that time thers was
no internet....
less channels...
no expanded cable...

So now we have these the average fan will watch..it but to people in other cites they just don't care why BECAUSE THEIR TEAM IS NOT IN IT!!!!
I think the media market numbers are just bullshit anyway...another hoax to to give those faggots at ESPN something to write about.

I think it's a new era were small market teams..just win and the NBA just has to facing with the changing times now.


Duncan is so boring.


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why break from a system if he believe it's the best system for easy offense? He makes excellent in game adjustments and like Craig said, his teams almost never commit dumb mental errors during important playoff games and his teams are generally only beaten by teams with superior talent and mental fortitude (think pistons

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