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April 09, 2008


CB Jack

Holy shiznit. A tear just came to my eye.

Frank Layden Admirers.

You hit the nail on the head here.

Ron Boone

Thank you for seeing what all of us Jazz fans have seen all year. If CP3 is in the MVP conversation there is no questions D-Will should be right up there.


The Hornets played better, last night, with Paul on the bench. 66 points at home in an important game? Not MVP quality.


The only instance I can think of is Hakeem and Robinson back in the 95 I think, in the western conference finals. I have tried to forget the details (I'm a Spurs fan, it hurts too much). But Hakeem's "shake" in the post is just burned into my memory.


"Seriously, do you remember a future MVP being so thoroughly dominated/owned/controlled by one dude?"

Yeah, actually I do- Lebron owning Kobe every time they've played this year.

Ron Hitley

Actually, CP got the better of Deron in the previous game between the two.

I'll admit that Paul usually struggles against Williams, but I don't see how that works as an argument for Williams getting MVP consideration. MVP is awarded for an 82 game season, not for 4 games against a certain team/player.


"Can you even imagine likes of Kobe, KG or LeBron being so dominated/owned/controlled by another single player?"

First off, it wasn't exactly a "single" player. Jerry Sloan specifically stated that he instructed his team to clog the lane and help on Paul at every opportunity. Williams played really well, but he stop Paul by himself.

Second, each of those players has been overcome now and again. Remember how Shane Battier took Kobe out of his game a few weeks back? Kobe scored 24, but it took him 33 shots to do it. LeBron recently had that 13-point game against the Pistons. And KG has gotten his clock cleaned by Tim Ducan a few times in years past.

Hey, Kobe's averages dropped like rocks against Atlanta: 17 PPG on 37% shooting. Joe Johnson's went up: 23 PPG on 50% shooting. Does Joe Cool own Kobe? Should we use the Lakers' loss in Atlanta, during which Kobe scored only 11 points on 4-for-16 shooting, as Exhibit A in the Case of Kobe Should Not Be The MVP? (And for the record, Pau Gasol was healthy and available for that game.)


"Yeah, actually I do- Lebron owning Kobe every time they've played this year."

Really??? Let's go to the numbers....

Kobe against LeBron this year:
27 points, 8.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists

Kobe regular season stats:
28.7 points, 6.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists

See any CP3-like dropoff????

CP3 has a MAJOR dropoff in stats against Deron Williams, Kobe does *NOT* when facing LeBron. My point is that Deron Williams thoroughly dominates CP3. So how is it that LeBron "owns" Kobe? Granted the Cavs swept the Lakers, but there's a huge difference between beating a player and dominating a player. Anyone who knows basketball knows that CP3 can't hang with Williams head-to-head. How can you give the MVP to a player thoroughly dominated by a non-MVP candidate?


Basketbawful… come on! EVERYONE knows that Deron kills CP3. Can you honestly tell me that there’s a non-MVP candidate that dominates Kobe, LeBron or KG? And don’t throw Hollinger-esque stats, tell me based on the naked eye just who dominates these guys?

BTW – the Lakers never show up at Atlanta. Even in the Shaq-Kobe heyday, they always dropped games there. And this was waaaaayyyy before they had Joe Johnson. Can you honestly say that Johnson dominates Kobe? Williams always kills CP3. ALWAYS!!!! Even the one game that New Orleans beat Utah, it was Pargo that carried them to the W.


I'm pretty sure Dirk won an MVP while getting owned by every strong aggressive pwerforward in the game. And somehow by captain Jack also. It's 82 games not 4 that make an MVP and Paul is worth putting in the conversation. Stop hating.


"Really??? Let's go to the numbers...."

Who won the games Craig?


Classic, two posts RIGHT NEXT to each other by Craig:

"Really??? Let's go to the numbers...."

then next:

"And don’t throw Hollinger-esque stats, tell me based on the naked eye just who dominates these guys?"

Well Craig, do you want to look at numbers or use your naked eye? Or use whichever suits your argument (Kobe is da best #11!!!)? You sound like an idiotic homer, as is the usual around these parts.

You should rename this blog "The KOBE ass-licking blog where formerly good writing used to happen but now solely consists of ripping on any team not the Lakers and any player not named Kobe." I guess that would be a bit long though.


"MVP is awarded for an 82 game season, not for 4 games against a certain team/player"
I think the whole point is that it's not like D-Will is rising from obscurity to own CP3 in every matchup. The guy is averaging 19.2 pts, 10.5 asts and shooting 51.2%. His averages are only slightly lower than Paul's and the Jazz' record is only 2 gb from the Hornets. I'm so sick of the media crowning Paul as the next great one and D-Will as just another good player. It's preposterous. Half the 'experts" at espn didn't even put D-Will on their ballot for the "Best 23 and under" feature. That's inexcusable.

Basketbawful Omits Facts

Kobe had just injured his finger in NJ the game before playing Atlanta.

Basketbawful omits pertinent facts.

Logical Observer

It's true - if CP3 is an MVP candidate, Deron Williams should be as well.

Why is it called "Kobe ass-licking" if you acknowledge that he's the best? So someone who says MJ is the G.O.A.T must be a "Jordan Juice Slurper" then?


Bravo. I totally agree with you.

I also find it interesting that Basketbawful (a huge Jazz fan, so I hear) chose to take the other side of this argument. Thanks for your excellent blog. Despite your support of the Lakers, I am a loyal reader.


Chad, why is that you think I'm backing Kobe for the MVP? My whole point is that CP3 is dominated by a non-MVP unlike Kobe, LeBon and KG.

Personally I'm leaning toward KG for MVP.

Also, how is scoring your season average considered being owned? LeBron's Cavs have swept the Lakers this season... this is true. But do you honestly think LeBron dominated Kobe in both games and owns him? REALLY???


Yes. He made Kobe look like a D-leaguer- at best.


right on the money. someone finally said it.


Nothing like a good observation to draw moron comments.

It is interesting how Utah has so dominated Paul and that Williams has so outplayed him. Last year you could say Paul was injured. In the game after Paul was selected to the all star team in his own arena and Williams was not, you could say Paul had a letdown and Williams was extra motivated.

But wow--last night with New Orleans fighting for the homespot, Paul was used. Maybe Williams really is Paul's kryptonite

As far as Kobe and LeBron--I have watched all 4 games the past two years. That is some matchup and each player acknowledges they are matched up against the other premiere player in the league. That is high drama. And Kobe is teaching LeBron to take it to the next level defensively and mentally.


D-Will Dominates him everytime and D-Will only has like 2 less points and 1 less assist and the hornets are ahead of the jazz by 2 games but yet CP3 is praised and is an Mvp canidate! CP3 is an amazing player but he is TO overrated. If he gets praised then praise D-Will


wow.. a lot of man love for deron williams eh?


who has the better stop %?


Stop % b*tches!

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