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March 05, 2008



why is it that you are dismissive of a laker conspiracy, yet you are the first one to throw out conspiracy theories when they involve any other team, especially the spurs. don't get me wrong, i don't believe the nba is fixed, but you have made that claim several times.
the lakers are rolling right now, but they will receive a harsh reality check come playoff time. the parade to the foul line should end once the lakers start playing smarter and tougher teams in a seven game series. kobe and the softies will be exposed as the fraud they truly are. as for the lakers and the celtics in the finals, sure, it's david stern's wet dream, but it's not going to happen. not this year, bubba. i wonder how good the celtics record would be if they played a western conference schedule.
kobe will lose his cool. he will re-injury the pinky. he will lose confidence in his teammates. he will blow it. big time.

John R.

The league has always fixed games for the Lakers. Just the last few years the Lakers havent even been good enough to take full advantage.

Don't even worry about the calls. Worry about the non-calls. The level of contact required for their to be a foul committed by the Lakers versus against the Lakers is not the same. The Lakers (and Pistons and now the Celtics again) are allowed to clutch and grab and pull jerseys on defense. If the other team does it its a foul. Watch the different levels of contact for their to be an over the back call. Its pretty striking.

I know Lakers fans have to believe their games aren't fixed to justify their fandom. Who wants to grow up one day and find out their are rooting for the WWE? But its simply true.

The worse the Lakers shoot the MORE FTA they get. This is especially comical when you consider that being fouled in the act of shooting doesn't count as a missed shot, it can only be a make.

The WORSE the Lakers play, the more FTA they get.

The worst case was the fixed game last November (Dec?) vs Clippers. Lakers shoot something like 32% but get about 50 FTA. Those Clippers just didn't give up that many FTA. They hadn't yet and they didn't again for the rest of the season. If the Clippers are permitted to rightfully win that game, both teams end up 41-41 with the Clippers holding the tiebreaker. The Clippers go to the post season and the Lakers sit out.

The League does fix games for the Lakers, and no it doesn't all even out.


Dave, when did I ever claim conspiracy theory for the Spurs? If anything, David Stern knows San Antonio is like the 2,312nd television market and would fix games against them.

The Tim Donaghey thing was not a comspiracy theory from the NBA front office but rather a personal thing from a referee bent on making extra $$.

I thought Spurs fans were above claiming a pro-Lakers conspiracy in the NBA. At least when the Lakers were rolling the Spurs in 01, 02 and 04, the Spurs took their losses like men and said things like, "the better team won."

It was (and is) franchises like Sacramento, Phoenix and especially whiny Golden State that claim that Lakers W's are fixed.


It should be pointed out that intentional fouls at the ends of these games also played no small part in driving up the FT totals. In the Dallas game the Mavs went into intentional foul mode at both the end of regulation and the end of overtime, with them fouling the Lakers twice (for 4 FTA) in the final 6 seconds of regulation and then fouling them three more times in the final 20 seconds of OT (for 6 more FTA). Both times the Lakers had the ball and the lead with less than 24 seconds to play, so intentionally fouling is an almost automatic response.

In the Sacramento game it was more of the same, with the Lakers up late the Kings went into intentional foul mode with just over a minute to play, and even continued doing this when the game was well out of reach (fouling Gasol with 23 seconds left and the Lakers up 8 and then fouling Kobe with 14 seconds left and the Lakers up 10). By doing this the Kings tacked on an additional 10 FTA in the last 70 or so seconds of the game.

Take the 20 combined intentional FTA away from these two games and 70 free throws isn't quite as bad (40 in the OT game against Dallas and 30 against Sacramento). But the author is correct, teams are trying to muscle the Lakers right now. How else do you think Erick Dampier got 16 points and 17 rebounds against Gasol: by out-finessing him?


i never claimed to believe in a lakers conspiracy theory. i don't believe in any basketball related conspiracy theories. i am above it. the better team always wins. a seven game series pretty much guarantees the better team will win.
i would argue that tim duncan's injury before the '00 playoffs (the spurs, minus duncan, had an early 1st round exit at the hands of the suns) was a big benefit to the lakers 3 in a row championship run. the lakers pretty much smoked the spurs in '01 & '02, but the laker dynasty was going full blast at that point. the spurs missed a big opportunity in '00. the lakers took all the fight out of the spurs in '04 with derek fisher's ridiculous (arguably humanly impossible) shot with .4 seconds on the clock. however, the spurs totally demolished the lakers in '05 which, i'm convinced, led to the dissolution of the shaq/kobe dynasty.
my point is that no one could've stopped the lakers during the '00-'02 run and the weakness of character the spurs showed in '04 propelled them to be the dominant force they are now. the lakers and spurs bring out the best and worst in each other and basketball fans always benefit. this year could bring another chapter to this rivalry and as a basketball fan, i am looking forward to it.


I totally agree (even just a little about the '00 Spurs). Who know what would have happened if TD was healthy all season? Even the seedings that year could have changed and maybe the lakers or Portland both had to face the Spurs. The only arguement I have is the Spurs' trend of winning every other year.

To me, the real rivalry out west has been the Lakers-Spurs. Forget Phoenix or Sacramento. As long as both Kobe and Duncan are playing and Popovich and Jackson are coaching, these franchises have a legit rivalry (even by definition of both teams eliminating each other).

Just one correction... The lakers didn't face SA in 2005. They were mired in the Rudy Tomjanovich era... Yuck! But the loss in 2003 (remember Horry's missed three in game 5?) did eventually lead to the Shaq/Kobe demise. It was after that elimination that Kobe went to Colorado for treatment... The worst idea of his career.


you're right. thanks for the edit.

Erol toksoy

1.match fixing for lakers? dont think so!!! against? maybe...

2.physical play against lakers? hell yeah!!!

I think opponent coaches do this on purpose because lakers became a very gentle size team (not weak but thin you know) with gasol trade.( apart from size, he is 100% perfect no doubt)so they try to stop lakers with physicall abuse. and may be they also put some hope on kobe's nerves for technical fouls or disqualification.

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