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March 19, 2008



hey where are all the rockets fans???


So let me get this straight...someone from LA is criticizing people from Houston for being bandwagon? We're talking about LA, home of the worst bandwagon fans in the world right? That's a joke, right?


Is Houston a big enough city to have traffic?

Are you joking?


lemme preface this by saying, im not from houston. im from LA. houston is the 4th largest city in the usa! you need to get out more mr. association. and another thing, why add to the hate by bringing up band-waggon-ism... seriously my friend, we're all just lovers of the game in one way or another. spread the love, and visit texas, its beautiful.


forgot to add... if you do plan on add the hate, add it in a unique and funny way, a la Basketbawful. you're losing your readership real quick.


I have been to Texas before and the state is very large. All I was saying is that the fans could of stuck around to cheer for thier team for winning 22 straight games. That was teh least the Houston fans could of done was to stay to the end of a blow out to show ther respect.

Big marky

Wow, have you been to Houston...obviously not.

1. Yes, leaving early is horribad and yes shame on Houston
2. Our traffic is 2nd only to NY/LA, come visit during rush hour and tell me how long it takes you to commute 5miles
3. Your an unintelligent simple minded blogger so i'm not surprised at your idiocy
4. LA is cesspool of crime/corruption/stupidy, and thanks for reminding me



ROFL... "your an unintelligent..."

talk about ironic. it's you're. and houstonians wonder why we Dallasites say we're better


Obviously this is not a picture of the game so we cannot accurately tell how many people actually left. Usually they wait to take the floor down until after the game...

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