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March 14, 2008



Well, now I guess you can add the Lakers to that list of quality defeated teams by the Rockets. And you might even go so far to acknowledge them as the number one seed in the West, considering that's what they are now. Perhaps more than a golf clap worth of praise would be cogent here.


Please don't excuse this loss with some nonsense reason like "Gasol was missing". Yao was missing and you lost. I do agree that there were some easy games in there, but even great teams in weak conferences haven't had a streak like this. go Rockets.

John R.

Dismissing losses is what Laker fans do. When they lost to the Kings, being the first Pacific Division team to do so (this included 3 chances for the Clippers to pull the feat) all I heard was how underrated the Kings are.

The post is right about one thing though. Lebron is the MVP. He personally won both games against the Lakers. Lebron personally beat Kobe twice. And it isn't that the Cavs beat the Lakers. To win those games, Lebron beat Kobe.


...and if Kobe fails this test, just who do you suggest we should consider for MVP??? Surely, not T-MAC. No, you couldn't be talkin' about the guy whose team was up by 15 with-out him even scoring A POINT!!! Let's see. I know! LeBron!! Now, here's a guy that you can count on for consistency season after season!! Who are we talkin' about here? I give the Rockets props for the streak that they are on! Kudos to their organization ... I mean it, they're really showing out! (And, would you believe, I'm a Laker fan! Imagine that!

John R.

I'm not sure what Carole is trying to say, or how one begins a comment with an ellipsis. Is there a case for any MVP in there?

Lebron is the best player in the league, his team is in contention, he is the most important player to his team among best players on good to great teams.

I'm not sure how anyone else could be selected MVP this year by any reasonable defintion of Most Valuable Player. I mean, I don't necessarily expect Kobe fans to ever be reasonable, but I can hope.



Don't compare Lebron w/ Kobe...Mr. Bryant is consider as the 2nd Michael Jordan...Kobe is sparking his team to the playoffs and serving as the captain of the team, they also loves him because of his amazing plays..

KOBE is d MVP...........


Lebron's team would have to bring home 50 W before counting him in the MVP race.

John R.

If Kobe is selected MVP this year, what does that mean in the NBA as niche sport debate? How do you sell a league whose "best" player 50% of its die hard fans hate?


the Kobe Bryant for MVP nonsense needs to stop. The points made here make it plain: lakersfiction.blogspot.com

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