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March 17, 2008



WAAAH! My Lakers lost! WAAAH!


Hey Craig- Seriously, if the Lakers went on a 22 game winning streak, and someone posted a blog like this about them, what would you say? That they are an idiot, right? Well...

John R.

Let's all cool off.

Maybe you guys should step back and give a kicks update.


Meh, losers with blogs...


Wow. I've been reading your stuff for about a year now and this is basically the only sh*t I dont agree with. Give atleast a little credit where credit is due. Kobe got his ass kicked by this so called fluke. So what? Chill out. No one said the Rockets were the best team. This is a great example of a team effort and if you can't respect that... then wow.

Ill Mac


What a classless, immature, pile of junk this is.

Go back to writing MySpace Bullitens.

You forgot the ending:

"Send this blog to 10 people or you'll never find true love (I love you Kobeee!)."


Xome on guys. 22 is 22. nothing you say or write will change it. I understand that you are sore losers, all lakers fans are like this, so that's nothing to be embarassed about. but hey! now you haev a great chance for a championship, and you probably have the most talented player since The Son of God (also known in some cultures as "michael Jordan"). Of course, my suns could still stand in the way... but this really is a good chance. so cool off, don't praise the rockets... but get on a team and win 22, and then critise whoever you want. T-Mac is not this year's MVp true, that should go to LeBron, Kobe or KG. Yao is not the best player either, even though i don't think anyone said he is. he gets the most votes because the world's biggest population is backing him up. and, yeah, the lakers were missing 3 key players but they still have the OMG HE'S THE BEST EVER SHUT UP ANYONE WITH NONSENSE ABOUT SOME GUY NAMED LEBRON YOU ARE ALL JUST HATERS HE IS THE BEST Kobe Bryant. also, McGrady, who is the rockets best player, was totally off. and seriously, how the f*ck can you not respect Mutombo for his achievemnts, and still being able to play effectively at his age? this just sucks.



Are u Lonely??

Or are u just Stupid...it could be both

Get well soon


LoL....wow ur very bothered by their success

do u have a favorite team?..... i mean..they must suck bad since ur talking about the best team in the west right now

its funny cause everything u say makes no sense and it will never prove anything

but hey...im sorry u feel so bad....




How does this pass for "Intelligent NBA Commentary"?


were you cut by the rockets in training camp or somthing.....geez

what they have done has been great for basketball and is an amazing accomplishment.

nobody has said they are the greatest team ever, if anything everyone has been talking bad because its a "fluke". well im sorry you got cut, i bet you could make the heat.


Hey Craig, maybe you should write a new post going back to complaining about the Warriors or San Antonio, or maybe the Clippers or Suns?

Ever notice how the most insecure people are the most insulting? What I'm trying to say, and which your pea brain probably can't understand, is that you rip all these other teams because deep down you know your team sucks and is led by a rapist.


Wow how often do you get to see a laker fan throw a tantrum in writing fresh off a spanking of their team? The best part is the Rockets didn't even have their best player. Its good to see a self entitled lakers fan get whats coming to them.

Just because the Lakers don't play team ball, and are essentially a Kobe Bryant show with no team play doesn't mean you need to tear down a team playing well. I mean how can you say what the Rockets are doing isn't remarkable, they are a walking clichet, they are the definition of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

Vanessa Cornejo Ubrieta Laine Bryant

Wow, this blog is so idiotic that it makes ESPN Sportscenter mouthpieces seem like Stephen Hawking in comparison.

Congratulations, that's quite an accomplishment!

Are you a LA Fakers fan? Your hissy fit about the Rockets certainly makes you seem like one--given that the Fakers and your annointed MVP Kobe Bryant just got beat.

This must be what passes for intelligent and astute basketball analysis in LA LA Land.

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The sad thing is, I'm not 100% convinced that this won't be exactly what happens.

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