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March 26, 2008



So it got stuck that far up there huh? I'll send you a pillow man, feel better.

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game every season. That being said, you think he would just "have" a stress fracture JUST to play for China? No player WANTS to be injured, and as much of a joke you make of this 21 game streak, I'm sure Yao would

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I definitely would say boston would win the eastern conference now with sam cassell joining paul pierce, ray allen and kevin garnet. Then in the west i most likely believe that the lakers would push to the finals now that everyones healthy along with pau gasol and andrew bynum. I think kobe's going to be on fire during the playoffs to encourage his team to make the finals. All of a sudden, i would say that the lakers would win the finals on game 7 and kobe would be the finals MVP.

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Very good very good to continue its efforts to refuel.

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