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March 19, 2008


John R.

Craigers. I'm pretty disappointed right now. In the wake of the NBA fixing the second game of the Lakers/Warriors home and home you have no comment? That was a terrible call. It made no rational sense. Unless one assumes the very worse. In which case it makes perfect sense.

Let us review.

In this one season, the Lakers have benefitted from no less than the following. Derek Fisher asked out of his lucrative contract for the sake of his child. Except instead of going to an East Coast team, where thanks to the playoff coverage we know his child was being treated, he went FURTHER west to the Lakers.

Alright fine. Weird, but fine.

Then the Lakers are able to trade a garbage bag full of refuse for Pau Gasol. I get it that some teams are interested in expiring contracts. I really do. But why didn't the Lakers have to take that gruesome Brian Cardinal contract? If that was included noone would bat an eye. But it wasn't. Instead, the Lakers basically converted one of the worst first overall picks in history for a great power forward.

Sure. Makes sense.

Mitch Kupcake is now a genius it turns out.

So now we are coming down the stretch and it just so happens that the Lakers play 100 out of their last 102 games at Staples. Ok. Why not?

All in the same year that the Celtics turned a pile of doodoo into Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Well shoot. There is nothing at all improbable at all about all this.

I'm just saying. You will have to pardon those of use who are skeptical when a Laker tackles a Warrior and the foul is called on the Warrior. Maybe we don't see everything as 100% up and up.

Maybe that Laker free throw differential isn't all matter of course.

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