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February 17, 2008



lol @ chinese finger cuffs - for a wnba chick, she was kind of fly!


ha, dwight totally stole the night. i actually saw him practicing the switch-hands one earlier in the week:


...guess it paid off. Sick.


Chinese finger cuff huh? You have to appreciate the versatility of the English language!

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When the love letter, do you still remember? The plot of the story is me!!!!!

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Nice piece. I'd be interested to find out more of your thoughts on this issue.

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game every season. That being said, you think he would just "have" a stress fracture JUST to play for China? No player WANTS to be injured, and as much of a joke you make of this 21 game streak, I'm sure Yao would

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I wonder what year that was because my parents got six-foot heroes for just about every party I can remember as a kid. I'm going to investigate. Stay tuned or help me out by Commenting below.

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I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

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