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February 29, 2008



I agree with everything else you said, but is Marion really a jump shooter? For instance, he's not a good three-point shooter (34% for his career, despite the high volume of shots), and the mechanics of his shot mean he can't really shoot it when it's contested, so I don't think he really has a midrange jumpshot game, either -- I would have put him in the category of the slashers and inside players along with Amare, Hill, and Barbosa.


Amare can bring things to the table that other guys cant. And what matters what you think if he doesnt play defense hes gonna get paid in th 15 million and up dollars so dont say that he cares.

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how many times do the Spurs have to win the championship to get respect? How many of their players have to win international champion ships? I know you guys are Mav's fans but come on! Give respect where its

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Oakland's defense should be given a lot of the credit for the win as well, as they fought a tough battle, and held the Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub(notes) to only 24 of 51 passes, sacking him three times.

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donc je ne pense pas qu'il ait vraiment un jeu jumpshot médiums, soit - je l'aurais mis dans la catégorie des tronçonneuses et des acteurs à l'intérieur ainsi que Amare, Hill et Barbosa.

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