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February 20, 2008



i agree with your assessment of jason "french fries" kidd, but the most disturbing part of the article was that lakers' twin towers reference. did i read that right? i know you lakers fans are all a twitter about your new starting five (by the way, how many games have they played together? oh, yeah. zero.) you still have the worst bench in the west.
while i will agree that bynum and gasol are both physically tall, i find the comparison to sampson/olajuwon and robinson/duncan a bit premature. yes? time will tell if bynum/gasol will deserve the twin tower tag, but for now it's a bit of a stretch. ha ha. get it? stretch.

ps - please god, let the spurs trade for ron artest so all these knuckleheads will stop operating under the delusion that the west (via "blockbuster" trades) is now wide open and their team has a legitimate shot at winning a title. i'm looking at you, cuban.


Kidd got molested tonight by Chris Paul...an extremely violent molestation.

31 pts
11 asts
9 stls
5 rebs

...and the "Twin Towers"??? wow, i remember Robinson and Duncan being referred to as the "Twin Towers", but Gasol and Bynum?


Isn't Kidd's Kid like 6? Why the hell does he have a little 'stache already? Or is he just a midget?



No need for Artest. The Spurs out-smarted everyone by going under the radar with Kurt Thomas. A very typical Spurs move to get veteran/defensive help to counter the Suns and Lakers size.

And yeah, the Lakers with Bynum and Gasol for the next four years with be VERY scary.. despite playing zero games together. Oh and there's some guy named Kobe. Weak bench??? Ummm, they're missing two of their top 8 players (Ariza was starting) and are still going 9 deep.


Jasomn is sik end of story!


i had a brief moment of panic with all the trading going on. now that i've settled, i like the kurt thomas deal. there is also the possibility of the sonics waiving brent barry and the spurs getting him back. thanks for giving them the cred they deserve.

i'm sorry, but i just don't see anyone on the lakers bench really stepping up and having a big playoff run. ariza was starting out of necessity. i don't think he will be a big factor off the bench. he can play a little defense, but his offense is limited to an open lane for a dunk and he won't get many of those come playoff time. i do like turiaf's toughness and he can step out and hit the jumper. he is your best bench player. farmar & vujacic do nothing for me at all. let's see how many wide open threes sasha gets in the playoffs. walton & mihm are big, white duds and radmanovic is worthless. mbenga is big. he should be good for six fouls a night against shaq, duncan, amare, etc.

all that being said, the lakers are still scary. i think this is their year to beat the suns. kobe has enough help now to get out of the first round and, possibly, beyond. unless, they meet the spurs or jazz. i refuse to take the hornets seriously.

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