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January 23, 2008



como ago para obtener el par de zapatillas en argentina y la casaca del west?


the all star shoes is UGLY


oooo weeee. these are dope. i want a pair. i saw some on this site.


Jose Garcia

hola fabrizzio, solo en los ustados unitos


I think I'm gonna hurl... again...

flawda boi

da jerseys are kewl but dem shoes iz nasty


ang pangit!


garbage im not feeling them at all


pangit nga! pero sana mura na lang made in china lang naman...syet!


real awful looking shoes, you'd think they'll play in snow or somethin'


WTF...Speak english


Maybe you all should go kill yourselves...jk


Hey Carlos ur a piece of crap...


Carlos you're a fucking dumbass. They are speaking Spanish, the same language your name originates from. Fucking Idiot.


where could i get 1 of the allstar team weat jerseys from ?


lmao thats not spanish, thats filipino


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