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January 26, 2008


Ben Guest

Disagree with you that KG's emotion was directed towards the TWolves (full disclosure, I am a lifelong Celts fan). As an observer, it seemed like it was more emotion of the game. KG had been injured in the 4th quarter, come back from the locker room, begged Doc to let him play the final two minutes and then came up with a huge defensive stop time expired. I don't think he was trying to disrespect the TWolves. In all the interviews I've seen he has been gracious towards the organization. It was just the emotion of making a big hustle play to win the game.


I'm not a Celtics fan in any way, I just don't understand why people are calling KG "classless" or an asshole. He made THE play in a close game, against his former team no less.

PistonsNationBlog similarly overreacted, and it's just sad. I wish the players on my team were as pumped up as him. He is intense, always ready to compete, and he made the winning play last night for crying out loud. So he celebrates and suddenly, he's a bad guy.

When you win, you get emotional, and if I were a Celtics fan, I'd be happy to see my guys getting pumped up like that.



In other news, the "league's best player" got outplayed by Lebron (again). The "league's best closer" couldn't close it out (again)...against the Cavs, no less.


Chris... your sir are correct!

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how many times do the Spurs have to win the championship to get respect? How many of their players have to win international championships? I know you guys are Mav's fans but come on! Give respect where its

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From that assumption, I put the hatch at roughly two feet wide.

Pandora New Zealand

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

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