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January 31, 2008



Broadcasters always play up the "injured superstar" angle. Didn't Kobe get food poisoning a few years ago and it was like somebody had shot the president, what with all the stupid consipracy theories ("Someone poisoned Kobe's pizza!") and similar nonsense. Or go back and watch the infamous Jordan flu game. Look, the dude had the flu, but he was reasonably well recovered by game time. No amount of will power, no matter who you are, can overcome a body not operating correctly.

Or watch Game 6 of the '98 Finals. Bob Costas mentioned Scottie Pippen's aching back every other sentence. But here's the funny thing. John Stockton also had a bad back injury during that series. IN FACT...he had to leave the game during the 4th quarter and return to the locker room for treatment just to continue playing. And if you know ANYTHING about John Stockton, you know he's one of the most durable players in NBA history, so if he hit the locker room during the 4th quarter of a deciding game in the NBA Finals, you'd better fucking beleive it was serious. But it just got passing mention.

Heck, I'll even pick on my beloved Larry Bird. He had a bad back during the latter stages of his career, and it was very serious. Couldn't feel his feet sometimes, terrible shooting pains. This led him, ONE TIME, to being put into traction between Game 1 and Game 2 of the first round of the 1991 playoffs. Traction, just that one time. Yet it became habit thereafter for broadcasters and sportswriters to make it sound as if Bird got put into traction often, even usually, between games. Because, damn, that's some stirring stuff, isn't it?

That's broadcasting. It's all hyberbole and hyper-dramatacism. I would think that somebody who's followed the Lakers, particularly through the Shaq/Kobe years into the just Kobe years would be familiar enough with that that it wouldn't even phase you.


It's even worse when they use the injury-hyperbole for injuries that are either irrelevant or long-since recovered (i.e. "LeBron isn't moving very well tonight; it could be because he broke his index finger when he was in junior high--he seems to be favoring that finger."). Granted, basketball broadcasters don't seem to use that tactic anywhere near as often as other broadcasters do (just watch the Olympics--you'd think that they were all a bunch of paraplegics).


Despite Kobe's being completely healthy, he has seven turnovers in the first half of tonight's game.

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Caron was given plenty of ice time and played every aspect of the game, including on both special team units. He was recalled Monday morning and practiced with the Bruins at Ristuccia Arena. “I didn’t play the last two games (with Boston) so it was good to get a lot of ice time,” he said. “It was great. I felt confident out there and I felt fresh. I wasn’t used to getting that much ice time, but it went pretty good. My legs were good so I think that’s a good sign.” Bruins coach Claude Julien received a good report on Caron’s game with the P-Bruins.

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