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January 24, 2008



You're an idiot.


I'm glad you are comparing those stats together because you are in the NBA right? Craig Kwasniewski?

And no, Craig, I'm not a warrior's fan.


Nice opinion piece, please pull your head out of your ass while you're grasping for straws


Your retarded... he just put up 37 last night... against the Suns.... umm.. yeah... your retarded


"Intelligent NBA commentary..."

Stop right there. I'd like to also put an asterisk right after that statement, so it looks like this:

"Intelligent NBA commentary..."*

* = Perceived to be intelligent only by those who actually lack intelligence.

Quite possibly one of the most stupidest basketball blogs that I have had the displeasure of reading in a great while.


Wow..all credibility lost on that one.. the guy is 22 and has been to the playoffs once and now he is a "regular season baller".. are you serious?

Craig Kwasniewski* is a douche

Do you seriously pat yourself on the back after you write articles like this for your self proclaimed "intelligent NBA commentary"?

Somebody should place an "*" next to your name on every article you write so they can avoid wasting time reading it.


You are a retarded asshole. Did you know last year was Monta Ellis's second year in the league and the first with decent minutes? Monta was only 21 so of course the pressure would get to him but you just watch this year he will prove your dumb ass wrong.


Nigga fuck you! Monta gets no assists because he plays the two you dumb fuck.


Wow do I even have to post what I think about this 'article' considering everyone has already covered everything. Monta has only been in the league for 3 years, he's only 22-years-old, he's only been to the playoffs once, which by the way was in his second season. To top it off this year's monta ellis is far different from the one from last year because he knows his game and he knows his role. Can you really tell me that an asterisk needs to be placed on his 39 point night because he was playing against the Nets. Ok name 5 players in the league that have been in the NBA for only three years that can and have done that both against the Nets and the Suns. His midrange has been compared to rick hamiltons, he's faster than barbosa, and his shooting percentage is comparable to any dominant center who sticks in the paint. I'm not saying put him in MVP considerations. I'm just saying I'm not sure if its possible but he should win Most Improved Player...Again! Without Monta the Warriors wouldn't even be competing for a playoff spot right now. If it was my guess, Craig, your a bitter dallas mavericks fan who thought that where Monta Ellis is now is where Devin Harris should be. But don't worry you don't have to worry about that because "a Jason Kidd that simply doesn't shoot the rock anymore" is taking his place. Lol its just funny thinking that Jason Kidd is not an offensive threat.

tim kawakami

you're a fucking douche


What a moron. Ellis should be a Junior in College. He has steadily improved throughout his NBA time. Assists from a 2 guard, playing with Baron Davis? Like I said: complete imbecile.


I'm not a warriors fan, but that is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard. Now, you never know, he can end up being a regular season star and a choke artist in the post-season, but you can't tell at this early in his career. Therefore, you shouldn't be saying this statement. Chances are he just choked because he was in the playoffs for the first time ever in his young career. If the warriors make it this year, I expect him to contribute immensely in the post-season.


ok while we're at it, lets completely throw Kobe's 81 point spectacle out the window because it was against that season's Toronto Raptors team.

God you're an idiot.


If you had half a brain you would remove this article before anyone else sees it, save yourself some further embarrassment.






Craig is a homo

do yourself a favor and take this article down. worst read ever


That's 2 minutes of my life I can never have back...

u fuk

ha ha ur a fuck bag and everyone hates you for this article

josh smith

craig... you should be shot for writing this.

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I'm sick of Monta. It's not fun watching him amyonre even if Fitz keeps saying he's amazing with 24PPG. I want to see a real team, not this crap we're seeing. That includes defense and ball movement. Sorry Monta. I really love Steph + Reggie. They're awesome.


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Speaking of Warriors-Tim Kawakami who has me SUPER blocked from his blog enter prwasosd like I'm some super duper hacker-lol! seems to have confirmed what I had posted on his blog that got me banned..HE was over the top in love with Lacob and Jerry West. Kawakami now is writing.. Hey,its the same team as last year ..well,duh.

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